Long Term Two-Wheeler Insurance: Things You Need To Know

What do you need to know about long term two-wheeler insurance? Here are some essential factors that you must keep in mind before opting for two-wheeler insurance.

Love for two wheelers will never fade among people in our country and every year these are multiplying in a great number. The very first thing that you can gift yourself along with a bike is safety through an insurance policy.

The two wheeler insurance policy is meant to keep you and your vehicle safe and away from the financial implications that could arise due to any mishaps or accidents on the road involving your two-wheeler.

There are numerous companies in insurance sector that offer long term insurance plans and policies for two wheeler vehicles. You need to choose the policy suits you as per your budget and requirements. You can check online through official websites about the plans and policies so that you get an idea what is being offered and how much premium amount you have to pay. You can even compare different policies of different companies online to decide thoroughly before you actually buy one.

Long Term Two-Wheeler Insurance: Things You Need To Know

It’s suggested that you must calculate IDV through online calculator available on various insurance companies’ websites.

If you are eyeing for a long term two-wheeler insurance plan, then you must know about certain things about it.

  • No Claim Bonus option is always given to you by the company with a distribution according to the time period. The table shows how NCB claim in a long term policy is different from a regular motor policy.

No-claim bonus for claim free years

Regular annual motor policies

Long-term motor policies

After one claim-free year


Upfront discount


After two consecutive claim-free years


For two-year policies


After three consecutive claim-free years


For three-year policies


After four consecutive claim-free years


At inception


After five consecutive claim-free years


Upon renewing a three-year policy

After three years


After one claim in the first year


After one claim in the second year


If there is a claim in the third year/more than one claim during three years


  • Third Party Claim and Cover is a mandatory thing offered in a long term two wheeler insurance policy type which mean that you will be covered for any damages/losses caused to any third party involving your two-wheeler.

  • It is a very convenient option as you can get away with the hassles of renewing the policy every year.

  • You get heavy discount on the own damage premium under the long term insurance policy. This option may not be available if you take a standard two wheeler insurance policy.

  • You are saved from the annual premium rate hikes, if any. This could result in significant savings if the premium rates increase in future.

You must keep yourself safe and confident with two-wheeler long term policy.