Preventing High Blood Cholesterol Levels in Children through a Healthier Lifestyle

High blood cholesterol or hypercholesterolemia reflects unhealthy cholesterol levels in the blood. Many children these days have been reported to have raised cholesterol levels, which can prove to be extremely harmful.

High blood cholesterol levels in children

Research reports indicate that a number of children in the age range of 9 to 11 years have high blood cholesterol levels or levels that are just near the borderline. This poses a future risk of cardiovascular diseases.

While obese kids are at a higher risk of recording high cholesterol levels, a large number of normal weight children are also reported to be borderline cases. High cholesterol in children puts them at a higher risk of suffering from strokes and heart diseases in the future. They are also more prone to atherosclerosis. Cholesterol levels can effectively be controlled by following a healthy lifestyle. This includes consuming nutritious food and regular exercise.

Causes of high cholesterol

Sedentary lifestyles and dependence on junk foods can be said to be the primary causes of high cholesterol in children. Nowadays, most children end to spend more time on their computers or watching television rather than engaging in physical activities. During these activities, they tend to consume large quantities of junk food which increases the risk of various types of cardiovascular diseases.

It is hence important for parents to monitor and control the daily activities of their children. Parents can discuss with doctors and seek advice and recommendations for ensuring healthy lifestyles of their kids. It is also advisable to conduct regular screenings in order to ascertain the cholesterol levels of your child. Early detection of rising cholesterol levels can help in its prevention.

Controlling cholesterol

Cholesterol can effectively be controlled by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Extremely high levels may force the doctors to prescribe statins. It is hence important to take preventive measures to avoid dependence on them.

Lifestyle changes like engaging in physical activity, eating healthy food, limiting the consumption of sugars and saturated fats can prevent cholesterol levels from rising. Genetically related cholesterol issues may however require medications.

Eating healthy food can go a long way in controlling cholesterol effectively. The following steps may be taken to ensure a healthy diet:

  • Consuming fiber rich foods like whole grain breads, yoghurt, cheese and juice for breakfast can benefit the child’s health.
  • Switching to low fat milk is also a substantial step towards maintaining a healthy diet.
  • In case of hunger pangs in between meals, snacks like dry fruit mixes, fruits, bagels, roasted peanuts, baked potato chips and peanut butter may be considered.
  • Vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, carrot and baked potatoes are good options.
  • For desserts, sorbets, juice bars and frozen yogurt low in fat content may be considered.

High cholesterol levels can negatively impact the current and future health of a child. It is hence important to take precautionary measures.

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