How Addiction Stigma In Rockford Is Affecting Addicts

There are countless addiction problems that have been having very negative effects all across the United States especially in Rockford. There is an increasing amount of patients checking into drug rehab in Rockford centers. These seem to be endless and to a certain degree they can often be quite endless.  Addiction is a difficult issue to say the least and it has displayed itself time and time again as a major issue and problem.  But why does it have to be this way?  Why is addiction so much worse now than it ever was before?  A big part of it has been the result of addiction stigma.

Stigmas and stereotypes are beliefs, concepts, and ideas of something, often untrue and false, that unfairly set certain people apart and become reason for shame and embarrassment and being looked down upon.  It actually makes whatever condition that caused them to be stigmatized in the first place that much worse. People with addictions are often stigmatized and stereotyped as stumbling drunks or addicts shooting up in dark alleys, or as winos, crackheads, tweakers, or junkies found drug rehab in Rockford.  The list of cruelties and nonsense goes on and on and on.

How Addiction Stigma In Rockford Is Affecting Addicts

The truth is that addiction is something that happens to totally normal and regular people.  In fact, anyone can become addicted to drugs and alcohol.  If you are a human being then you can become addicted to drugs and alcohol.  It is just one of those aspects of the human psyche that can be triggered into an addictive concept or state.  Birth, ethnicity, demographic, age, sex, or anything else that defines a person, none of it either plays a part in contributing to addiction or taking away from it.  Anyone can fall prey to this trap, but stigmatizing it just makes it worse and makes it harder to get rid of.

What to Do About Addiction Stigmatization in Rockford

A really great example of stigmatization in Rockford has been with the young white male population of the area.  The highest at-risk population for heroin addiction, as reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (CDC), is non-Hispanic white males between the ages of 18 and 25 who live in large cities and major urban areas.  These individuals are almost twice as likely to die from a heroin overdose as all other demographics. For this reason, drug rehab in Rockford has become more popular as there are many non-Hispanic communities are in that area. Heroin has made a big impact on white men in this age range, and the problem has been a growing one for years now.  When one is a young white male in this area and is at all suspected of abusing heroin, he is totally ridiculed and made to feel terrible for it.

The way to handle this issue Rockford is to remove all stigmatization.  Just treat drug and alcohol addicts like the normal people that they are.  Treat them like anyone else who is suffering with an illness that needs to be cured because that is exactly what they are and who they are.  If this is done and if this is done properly then the issue will cease to be such a huge problem.  There will still be some individuals who need to be rehabilitated and they will certainly be rehabilitated, but de-stigmatizing the problem will take a lot of the attention and drama off of the problem.

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