Health Risks In The Workplace

It may be easier to think about possible risks to your health in the workplace if you think about heavy laboring work, such as lifting heavy weights or having an accident with machinery. However, when you’re working in an office environment, you’re subject to a number of potential hazards that you may not have considered. Until a problem happens to you.

Health Risks In The Workplace

What are the health risks in your workplace?

Non-stop computer work

There’s little doubt that computers have made a vast difference to how we work, speeding up inputting and transmission of information, and standardizing systems to help increase productivity. However, if you’re stuck in front of a computer screen for eight hours a day, you could be in for some difficulties if you don’t take care of the way you work.

Screen work requires intense concentration, and if you don’t take regular breaks – which you should – you could develop some serious visual problems. The most common is dry eye, where the tear fluid is reduced and the eyes become painful. Because you tend not to blink as much as usual in front of a screen, you don’t get the lubrication that your eyes need to operate properly.

Be careful about having your screen too close to you. You’ll be focusing closely, and the tiny muscles in the eyes can become very strained, leading to discomfort. You could also experience headaches and nausea due to this, so position your screen a little further away so that you can see it without having to look up. This will help stop the possibility of back and neck strains.

If you do find that you have problems with your vision, you should ask a professional eye specialist about the treatments available.

Good posture

If you slouch at your desk, you’re storing up health problems. It’s easy to let your posture go, especially when you’re under pressure to deliver to a deadline. However, it’s just not good for your body. If you do slump, you can develop back pain and a slowdown in circulation and digestion. If you’re not feeling well, your productivity is likely to drop, and if your health deteriorates, you may have to take time off. Work to sit up straight, get that posture right so that you can still keep working, and avoid the health hazards.

Cut your stress

Easy to say but not so easy to do in many organizations where the company wants to squeeze as much as it can from you. Some companies don’t realize it’s a false economy.  The more stressed you are, the less likely you are to be as productive as you would want and the more likely you are to suffer health effects. Stress is known to raise blood pressure and the heart rate, raising the risk of suffering from heart disease.

Look after yourself

Office work can be very rewarding but can, in certain circumstances, be a hazard to your health. Be aware of the possible threats and make positive alterations to the way you work.

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