Some Of The Useful Tips To Buy Motorcycle Jeans And Few Things To Avoid

Motorcycle jeans were a rarity earlier but today it has become a necessity and also a fashion statement. The main difference between a normal jean and a motorcycle jean is that a motorcycle jean provides the rider with impact protection and abrasion.

Today we can find a whole new segment of motorcycle gears in the market. The motorcycle jeans range from $80 to $550. As there is a whole new segment of motorcycle jeans in the market, it can get a little confusing to choose the right pair of motorcycle jeans suitable for you.

The need –

A normal pair of jeans does not offer any protection towards any motorcycle accident. Even though all the motorcycle jeans available in the market some impact protection and abrasion protection, but there is nothing safer than a leather or textile motorcycle pants.

If you are interested in doing dangerous acts like stunts, riding bike in the rain, going really fast, etc, then it is highly recommended to wear a proper pair of motorcycle pants exclusively made for bike stunts and high risks activities. These pants are available with CE approved armor in the hips, shin and knees. But if you are not a complete daredevil and need something more casual that can be worn on or off motorcycle, then you have to start looking for the best Kevlar motorcycle jeans for your choice.

Even if you are buying a pair of jeans which is suitable for both casual wears and also for your bike ride, you still have to look for few things in your pair of jeans. Here are few things to look for in perfect motorcycle jeans. Some of them are mentioned below for your knowledge:-

  • Fit –

As for any type of clothing fit is the most important thing to look for. It is important to try the motorcycle jeans before you buy one. Most of the motorcycle jeans available are only available online. It is recommended to choose a site which offers easy return and exchange offers because you would have to do some trial and fitting testing to find the perfect fit and size suitable for you.

  • Abrasion and impact –

When you are buying motorcycle jeans it is important that the jeans offer protection against impact and abrasion. Most of the motorcycle jeans available in the market sacrifice safety over style. Most of the jeans pair does not offer impact protection because of their bulkiness, price and weight. Even if you find the pair of jeans which does provide protection it will be only over limited parts of your body.

Make sure you choose a pair of motorcycle jeans which provides protection for the shin area. If possible look for the CE- certified armor providing jeans which fits your joints while you are in your bike riding position and does not compromise over comfort.

You can find decent pair of motorcycle jeans, which are stylish as well as provide proper protection to the rider.  Hence, decide and pick wisely.

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