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August 9, 2016 Health News No Comments

The facts surrounding the benefits of switching from tobacco to e-cigarettes are often lost to bias and confusion. Our friends over at E Cig Review site have brought us the ultimate beginners guide to help understand what are the risks or benefits to help us make our mind up. The infographic also touches on which celebrates vape and how much potential money you can save.

As the years progress and interest increases in electronic cigarettes we have started to see great sections of the traditional tobacco market eaten by electronic cigarettes. This is because smokers are beginning to see the potential when switching to electronic cigarettes. Not only are the health benefits substantial but the potential savings are also astronomical.

Over recently years we have seen the argument from both sides intensify as mudslinging and false facts are banded around from both sides. All the misinformation has subjected the average smoker to confusion which has consequently reduced their likelihood to quit.

Will-Ecig Beginner Guide

The arguments for and against electronic cigarettes should be placed as a matter not only for businesses attempted to carve their own piece of the market out. The subject should be a matter of societal importance which demands clear and honest facts. The issues should be centred around the scientific facts behind smoking and electronic cigarettes which will allow smokers to make up their own minds about the dangers.

This is vital as tobacco based illnesses have clear medical implementations that impact the whole community. It is estimated that smoking costs the NHS in England 2.7billion pounds a year and costs the health service in the United States $300 billion each year. This accounts to $26 million per day.

It is when we study these statistics that the true impact of tobacco reveals itself. 480,000 people a year die from smoking. This is more than AIDS, alcohol, car accidents, illegal drugs, murders and suicides combined. These statistics prove that the importance of clear, scientific facts about tobacco cigarettes and electronic cigarettes must be made clear to all smokers and non-smoker to allow for a better decision making process. The potential to save lives and health care money is vast.

The infographic that has been constructed by E Cig Review site aims to break down the basic facts for smokers or non-smokers who are unsure of the hard facts surrounding e-cigarettes when compared to tobacco products. By evaluating proven facts by the National Health Service in the UK we can establish a secure source which can be trusted. The infographic also takes a look at the ingredient breakdown which aims to strip both devices down to their bare bones and establish what actually is inside a tobacco cigarette and an electronic cigarette.

Have a look at the infographic below and feel free to share and comment!

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