How to Take Care of PVC Strip Curtains

PVC strip curtains are useful as an economical way to separate temperatures within a commercial space, which can help reduce energy costs and save money.

While they can be effective at separating certain areas of warehouses and other facilities, there are certain elements you need to consider to keep them protected and consistently in optimum shape.

These factors begin with product selection and continue through regular maintenance. Each of these elements can give your facility everything it needs to separate spaces with varying temperature, protecting people and property.

Choose the Correct Materials

Strip curtains are available for many uses, with varying materials depending on the application. For example, walk-in freezers won’t benefit from typical PVC strips at doorways because the material become less flexible in freezing temperatures, and can crack.

On the other hand, polar grade strip curtains are designed to hold up in these temperatures, remaining consistently flexible and invulnerable to cracking.

Certain other locations such as data centers may also want PVC materials that can resist static, which are available in the form of anti-static PVC strip curtains.

Select the Right Size

Another factor to consider is size, which can vary from application to application. Some locations such as warehouses with large doorways won’t benefit from small strip curtains, remaining ineffective in high winds and frequent traffic, while smaller office doors won’t experience any positive results from large strip curtains that make it difficult for people to pass through.

Ribbed PVC Strip Curtains Can Help

For strip curtains that last longer, consider ribbed PVC strips, which protects the strips from vehicle impact as only the ribs make contact with vehicles. Apart from keeping the flat materials safe from vehicle damage, ribbing also makes them more resistant to static, which is often an issue when people walk through them. Ribbed PVC strips are also less prone to sticking together, making them easy to pass through.

Schedule Regular Cleaning

The most effective way to maintain your PVC strip curtains is to clean them on a regular basis. While you may initially believe they’re heavily scratched when there curtain has less transparency, dirt and dust may be the culprit.

Before considering a replacement strip curtain, try cleaning it first and see if that improves the strips’ surface.

Equip Your Facility with Reliable PVC Strip Curtains

Considering each of these factors, you can keep your facility safe and secure with PVC strip curtains installations.

With the right combination of materials and the appropriate size selection, you can save money on energy costs and keep equipment, products, and employees protected from low temperatures and other hazards, while effectively creating multiple sections within the same space for storage and other purposes.

With a system of strip doors installed for your temperature control needs using the right materials, size, and regular cleaning, you can benefit from top-quality area separation that cuts down on energy costs while remaining more flexible than permanent door or wall installations.

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