Top Benefits Of Pre-Blended Massage Oils For Skin

Blending Is Key

Whether for home or salon use, aromatherapy massage oil is created by mixing a base oil with a relevant (aroma therapy grade) essential oil. Blending oils for massage treatments is a skill which depends on the person mixing them having in-depth knowledge of both the correct chemical balance to create the end oil product and the detailed qualities of all essential oils.

It is vital that the oil blend created is correctly mixed and safe and relevant to the purpose of the masseur. The best way to ensure this is to use pre-blended aromatherapy massage oils – products which offer many therapeutic benefits.

Top Benefits Of Pre-Blended Massage Oils For Skin

The Main Benefits of Pre-Blended Oils

Although the type of essential oil blend used will vary depending on the problem being addressed, the key positive effects of using pre-blended massage oils on the skin apply to all blends.

  • The feel good factor: pre-blended massage oils lift moods and generate a feeling of well-being. Some oils, such as patchouli, are particularly beneficial for treating depression, anxiety and stress.
  • Strengthening: using pre-blended oils can boost the immune system, reducing the risk of infections and the like. Some oils specifically target bones and muscles, reducing inflammations and making them both stronger.
  • Pain-relieving: people with regular tension headaches and migraine sufferers often find relief through applying pre-blended oils to their skin.
  • Clearing skin: pre-blended oils using bergamot are popular for treating skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, while patchouli helps fight skin infections, reduce cellulite and heal wounds. Chamomile is good as an antiseptic. Stretch-marks, acne, dry skin and old scars all benefit.
  • System boost: regular massage improves the circulation of blood around the body, which in turn helps eliminate stubborn toxins which build up in major organs.
  • Sleep better: the relaxing effect of an oil massage helps beat insomnia and other sleep-related conditions. Lavender is famous for its sleep-aid qualities, and the oil from this plant is a popular blend choice when massage is used to deal with this problem.
  • Pain reliever: the combination of massage strokes and the correct pre-blended aromatherapy massage oil helps relax muscles and release pain-fighting hormones.

Pre-blended aromatherapy oils applied to the skin through massage are an excellent way to both maintain and boost health and treat health conditions. Aromatherapy is a complex subject, and one which requires many years of training and studying to fully understand, but the rise of pre-blended oils has made this truly beneficial therapy available to a wider audience.

Now those who don’t have the knowledge required to create their own product, those who are still training to gain further aromatherapy qualifications or of course practising masseurs who don’t specialize in this field can make full use of pre-blended oils with confidence.

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