Pro Comparison Of GMC Sierra and Toyota Rav4

These two vehicles have taken the thoughts and hearts of many drivers, so in this article we decided to compare them and help you understand which of them is better for your lifestyle.

Luxury Features (Toyota vs GMC)

One of the most common luxury features available in the modern vehicles is power seats. For GMC Sierra convenient adjustment of the seats is a standard feature, while Toyota does not offer power seats feature at all. For both vehicles keyless entry is a standard feature which simplifies their use. For GMC cars leather seats also come in package with the interior design of the vehicle, while for Toyota Rav4 this is an optional feature.


In terms of the in-city gas mileage Toyota is definitely the winner. While it has only 13 mpg for the city GMC Sierra offers as much as 22 mpg which is very inefficient, according to the professionals. Both vehicles, though, have average warranty miles equaling 36,000 and also a basic warranty lasting for 3 years.


Professionals name the numbers of 179 HP @ 6,000 RPM for Toyota Rav4 and 403 HP @ 5,700 RPM for the Sierra. While the former is a little underpowered for a vehicle of such a size, the latter is considered to be fairly powerful. The number of gears is also different for these cars. GMC Sierra has a normal number equaling 6, while the RAV4 has very few of them (only 4). The great thing about both cars is the standard transmission type which is automatic transmission. None of these options is advised for off-the-road terrains because of the two-wheel drivetrain type. Toyota Rav4 has much better turning radius and overall maneuverability.

Safety Features

The great thing about both cars is their safety measures. Both GMC Sierra and Toyota Rav4 have special antilock brakes, which are mostly know n under the name ABS brakes. They both feature stability control system built-into the electronics of the whole unit. All passengers are protected by separate individual airbags, which makes the total number of them 5. They also have standard rear brakes. Moreover, if you have a child you can be sure to keep him or her safe, as GMC and Toyota both have child door locks.


In terms of practicality and specifically number of passengers available GMC Sierra has more of them, which is 7 while if you view Toyota Rav4 you will see a standard package of 5. Sierra also offers a little more cargo room at the trunk, but automotive experts explain that both vehicles offer a standard number of square meters for your belongings. Moreover, in both cars the back seats can be folded to enlarge trunk’s space in case of any non-standard cargos carried.

While navigation is not a standard feature for any, both vehicles can be ordered with a built-in navigation system in case it is purchased at a dealer’s store. And, of course, A/C system blows all over the cabin offering fresh air and comfortable drives.

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