Roller Shutters For Homes, Shops, Industries And Special Purposes

If security, convenience and compactness are your prime considerations when it comes to entrances or doors then the roller shutter is your best choice.  Roller shutters began to be widely used from the 1970s onwards as the perfect solution for large openings. These are perfect for use in homes, shops, offices, warehouses, industrial units and even cargo vans.

Roller shutter Melbourne
Roller shutter Melbourne

Types of roller shutters

In essence the roller shutter is made of scrolled steel slats with ends interlocked with each other. When pulled down the shutter presents a uniform barrier. When pulled up the interlocked laths which creates a hinge along the length of the shutter.

The roller curtain slides up and down in guide rails on either side of the opening. There are variations on this basic theme:

  • You can buy roller shutters with flat laths. When pulled down, the flat lathes present a uniform, even surface whereas the scrolled laths present a corrugated surface.
  • The laths can be varied in width to alter the appearance.
  • Shops can opt for perforated steel or aluminum laths or thick wire laths that allow passersby to look in but keep the premises secure at the same time.
  • Laths can be made of aluminum for light weight, aesthetic appearance.
  • Some roller shutters employ double wall laths with insulation for heat and sound.
  • Industries and homes have the option of fire resistant roller shutters.
  • There is also the choice of high security shutter with extra thick gauge lathes.
  • Not quite so popular or widespread is the horizontal type accordion type shutter.
  • Apart from these, check for insulated shutters for regions where heat loss is a big concern.
  • Perforated shutters is preferred if there is no other provision for ventilation in the room.


  • In its simplest form the roller shutter can be pulled down and locked. To open it one simply pushes it up and the spring mechanism pulls it up.
  • A step up in this segment is the incorporation of a winch type geared-chain mechanism. Simply turning a handle allows the shutter to be rolled up or down—useful for heavy and large sized shutters.
  • Shutters can be automated type with DC or AC motors with wall mounted push button control unit. A battery powered DC motor is useful since it allows operation even in case of power failures.
  • Recent control units have a remote unit that can be used to lower or raise the roller shutter.
Roller shutters
Roller shutters

Advantages of roller shutters

  • One of the main advantages of roller shutters is that they can be designed to fit virtually any type or sized windows and doors in homes, offices, shops and industries. Traditional doors would be heavy to move and take up too much space in larger openings whereas roller shutters are compact and easy to operate. Today you can find these in variety of types made from steel and aluminum in non-insulated, insulated and even fire resistant types with manual and electric controls.
  • Roller shutters are compact and will not occupy much space or pose a hindrance.
  • You also get the benefit of higher security and aesthetics in a neat package.
  • Cost is lower in comparison to other types of doors, especially in large openings.
  • High security steel shutters offer greater safety in areas with high crime rates.
  • Shutters can also insulate against heat, sound and light as well as offer a degree of protection from hurricanes.

Roller shutters may not be the first choice for homeowners unless it is for garages but for storefronts, offices and industries, these are the first and the best choice in terms of convenience, cost and security. Automation makes operation easier than ever.

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