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Roller Shutters For Homes, Shops, Industries And Special Purposes

If security, convenience and compactness are your prime considerations when it comes to entrances or doors then the roller shutter is your best choice.  Roller shutters began to be widely used from the 1970s onwards as the perfect solution for large openings. These are perfect for use in homes, shops, offices, warehouses, industrial units and even cargo vans.

Roller shutter Melbourne

Types of roller shutters

In essence the roller shutter is made of scrolled steel slats with ends interlocked with each other. When pulled down the shutter presents a uniform barrier. When pulled up the interlocked laths which creates a hinge along the length of the shutter.

The roller curtain slides up and down in guide rails on either side of the opening. There are variations on this basic theme:


Roller shutters

Advantages of roller shutters

Roller shutters may not be the first choice for homeowners unless it is for garages but for storefronts, offices and industries, these are the first and the best choice in terms of convenience, cost and security. Automation makes operation easier than ever.

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