Feel Good and Look Great With Velashape Cellulite Reduction Treatment

Velashape is the new cellulite-busting technique which has gained a lot of attention in the recent times because of the amazing result that it gives. Although cellulite is not a serious medical concern, its appearance on the body can cause emotional stress and can reduce self-esteem. Cellulite is nothing but the fat beneath the skin which may cause the skin to look a little bumpy. Cellulite does not only occur in people who are overweight; it can also occur in people who are thin.

Almost more than ninety percent of women are affected by cellulite which is comparatively much greater than men. Slow metabolisms, poor diet, dehydration, lack of physical activity are some of the factors that influence cellulite. Even though there are many treatments available for treating cellulite; only few among them have proved to be successful. Velashape is one such option which has been successful in helping millions of customers to get rid of excess body fat.

Sono Bello offers the best Velashape body transformation procedure which is considered as the leading and only safe, operational and practically painless FDA approved non-invasive medical solution. Velashape uses Bi-Polar Radiofrequency (RF), Infrared Light Energy, Vacuum and Mechanical massage elements. Treatments are conducted according to the patient’s comfort and sensitivity levels, but most report the procedure as comfortable and even pleasant. People who have undergone this procedure say that they feel like a warm, deep-tissue massage with a warming sensation under the skin that lasts for several hours even after the process gets over.

Velashape is a small hand held device which is attached by a long cord to a machine that looks a like a vacuum cleaner and is applied by the doctor to the problematic areas of the body. Using a combination of bi-polar radio frequency and optical energy, the problem area is heated, causing the fat underneath to effectively dissolve and be carried away. It usually takes about four sessions to get the desired result and Velashape can be used on any problematic cellulite area such as thighs, waist, buttocks, or abdomen.

Velashape at Sono Bello has been proven to shape, contour and slim an individual’s body by decreasing one’s skin circumference and also by shrinking excess fat. The results are visible after a few sessions. Velashape cellulite reduction is one of the most common ways of getting the type of body one wants and more people are opting for this method as it is a great alternative to surgical treatments. Once the procedure is done, the patient needs to maintain a good balanced diet and also go for periodic maintenance procedures. This will ensure that one maintains the new look and stay healthy at the same time.

Cellulite is a problem for people of all ages. Since Velashape is approved by FDA and is a non-invasive procedure; people prefer this treatment to get rid of unwanted cellulite. However, Sono Bello suggests that one should consult with the physicians available here before opting for this procedure.

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