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Which Are Effective Techniques In 2016 – Weight Loss Supplements vs. Lose Weight Naturally?

Weight management is a personal issue and everybody is aware of it but people tend to ignore it due to lack of interest, hectic schedule, proper dietary knowledge and many other reasons. The slowly increase in your weight takes an ugly form if it is consistently ignored and can lead to diseases like obesity, hypertension, heart diseases or even diabetes.

Effective Technique of Weight Loss

There is no short cut in weight loss although you must have come across many weight loss shakes, herbs, pills, tablets, caplets, gels etc. which claims to make you fat free in a week or month time. You must be thinking that if the claims of these products are baseless then what the best way of weight loss is?

Lose weight naturallywhen “natural” word hit our ears then it assures us safety but it is not as simple as it seems. The natural approach of weight loss takes a long time which can be sometimes very frustrating. You may or may not get the positive results in a definite period of time. Let’s see what are the pros and cons of this conventional approach of weight loss


You must take assistance of your physician if you are not able to lose weight after applying all natural methods. Your physician will test you for any hormonal imbalances and then you can control your health problem with medication and natural methods.


To reduce the difficulties of natural method of weight loss, many people start taking weight loss supplements which helps you by increasing the fat burn and reducing the appetite. But before taking any health supplements blindly, you should check all the information associated with it. Here we will discuss the latest trend in weight loss supplement i.e. Raspberry ketones.

Raspberry ketones are among the popular weight loss supplements these days. According to the Raspberry ketone reviews, it helps in effective break down of the fat within cells facilitating fat burning process. It is claimed to increase level of adinopectin hormone which helps in regulating metabolism.

In reality, there is no such scientific evidence which can support these claims. The effects of Raspberry ketones have been studied on isolated fat cells of Rat which doesn’t mean that these will leave the same effect on human cells as well.

Another thing about these supplements is that one should not be mislead by the name of the supplement. It means that raspberry ketones are not extracted from raspberries but they are synthesized artificially because extracting natural raspberry ketones is an expensive process. It takes 90 pounds (41 kg) of raspberries to get the required amount for a single dose!!

The word “ketone” is generally associated with the low carb diet and claims to help in burning fat and increasing ketone bodies in body but Raspberry ketones have nothing to do with low carb diet and its effects are not similar as other existing ketones.

Although, Raspberry ketones are categorized as “Generally Recognized as Safe” (GRAS) by the FDA as a food additive but one can found some cases of nausea, jitteriness, rapid heartbeat and increased blood pressure if search online.

Since these supplements are not backed up by human studies therefore there is no data on effects, side effects or scientifically recommended dosage.

As we have seen above in case of Raspberry ketone that although it is not scientifically backed up but still it has become a favourite in weight losing fraternity. You can find many such similar cases with other supplements as well therefore rather than experimenting on yourself, you should take the safe route of calorie burning like walking, exercise etc. and if you are taking the weight loss supplements then make sure that it is medically proven.

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