Things Every 20-something Should Be Given A Medal For

Once a person reaches the age of twenty, there’s an awful lot expected of them, and sometimes the recognition is simply not there. Children get medals for many things, including spelling, sports, and even just being good! There’s no reason for the awards to stop just because one hits that magical 20 figure, and here are some great reasons to give the young adult a deserving award.

Things Every 20-something Should Be Given A Medal For

Being Punctual

Modern life is all about time, and being punctual can be a real challenge. Traffic jams, sports on TV, and late nights, are just some of the reasons (excuses) why young people can’t make it on time. If there was an award for punctuality, young adults might make a little extra effort to avoid being late. One might be thinking what sort of medal would a person get for this, and if the winner comes from Western Australia, there is an affordable trophy shop in Perth that could create something suitable.

Telling the Truth

This might sound easy, but there are many occasions when people don’t say what they mean. The person who has a ridiculous haircut, and asks their friend’s opinion, doesn’t want to hear the truth, so why spoil their day? One should receive an award for this, as it can get a person into a lot of trouble!

Doing the Laundry and Ironing in One Day

Seriously, if a young adult can manage to organise this within a day, they deserve a medal. Single people like doing the laundry as much as a cat likes to swim, and anyone that manages to do it should get more than a pat on the back, and if they complete the task within 24 hours, a medal is definitely in order. One would be hard pressed to find a store that stocks something suitable, but for those who live in Western Australia, a Perth trophy shop could certainly come up with something unique.

Paying Bills on Time

Most people have a problem with this, but young adults find it almost impossible. Essentials like beer and pizza usually take priority, and “I’ll do it tomorrow” is an ideal response when confronted with a utility bill. The downside is that when one is finally ready to pay, there’s usually not enough money left in the wallet!

Saving Money

This hobby is relatively unknown to the twenty year old, and for good reason. Why keep the money when one can have so much fun spending it? Living for the moment ensures temporary happiness, but it isn’t going to set one up for later life. Anyone who still has a chunk of their salary left when the next pay cheque comes in should get at least a Gold medal, or perhaps a Nobel Prize!

Being twenty something can be fun, and when a person gets it together and does what is expected of them, they should have the motivation to repeat it. So, medals should be awarded for these extremely difficult challenges, otherwise, what’s the point?

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