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Different Kinds Of Tattoo Ideas For Both Men And Women

There are different kinds of tattoos, which one can get and these are now becoming more acceptable in society. Tattoos are of different kinds. Here are a few ideas for best tattoos for men and women.

  1. Star tattoo: Stars symbolize hope and truth. They are symbols of encouragement to fight against darkness as well as to give hope of things to come. It is especially very meaningful if the person has gone through tough times. Stars are either tattooed on the fingers, neck, and leg or even behind the ears.
  2. Tribal tattoos: These are exceedingly popular and these tattoos look good not only on men but on women as well. These can be sported by people of all age groups too. Tribal designs usually cover a large area and they are inspired from the aboriginal cultures as well as indigenous designs. Tribal tattoos have various shapes and they carry messages along with the design.
  3. Angel tattoos: These symbolize spirituality, faith, connection with God and more. These are symbols or protection and guidance. These are popular especially among women. They are also created as memorials.
  4. Wing tattoos: Wings have inspirational significance and are connected with spirituality and freedom. Wings could represent power like that of an eagle or wings could symbolize the lightness of butterflies. Wings with angels could symbolize protection and guidance.
  5. Dream catcher tattoo: These are sported by women after they have seen a number of their favorite celebrities sporting these tattoos. These consist of inspirational quotes along with birds, wheels, feathers and more. These are supposed to catch the bad dreams in the web and only permit good dreams to come to you.
  6. Fairy tattoo: These are considered as inspirational. They are also considered as symbols of those people who want to hold on to their childhood for as long as they can. It symbolizes innocence and a desire to hold on to child-like imagination.
  7. Swallow tattoo: Swallows are associated with souls of the deal and eternal stars. These tattoos represent happiness and freedom. These are usually sported by women.
  8. Heart tattoo: These show love and affection for loved ones.
  9. Sun Tattoo: The sun is used to represent strength, fertility, courage and passion along with light, knowledge and youth. It is also associated with royalty and divine powers.
  10. Moon tattoo: This represents the philosophical side or nature of a person. It also represents divine powers, purity as well as eternity.
  11. Maori Tattoos: These are especially popular among men. It uses bold lines and the motifs are repeated. These usually used to have personal and family history as part of the designs. These usually denote strength and power and so are fashionable among wrestlers, warriors, fighters and the like. These are usually on the back, neck or the arms.
  12. Haida tattoos: These are complex. They depict crests of family clans. They use bold lines and look quite attractive.
  13. Dragon tattoo: Dragons are part of Chinese and Japanese culture and these are mythical creatures that have an apparent bad temper. One can choose several types of dragon tattoos.
  14. Celtic tattoos: These have interwoven lines and are complex tattoos.
  15. Kanji tattoos: These express soulful feelings. This is based on cherry blossoms and geishas and they symbolize justice, peace power, strength, harmony, love as well as passion
  16. Skull tattoo: These tattoos represent mischief, courage and it also symbolizes danger, evil death and more. These are preferred by wrestlers, fighters and those who want to intimidate others.

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