Habits That Will Help Your Spine!

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60% people who experience back pain neglect it and suffer the aftermath of ignorance. We usually do not pay too much heed to a basic back ache or neck pain that we go through on a day to day basis. There are many reasons why you could have constant or recurring back aches. If you are taking care, why does your back hurt so much?

Habits That Will Help Your Spine!

Continuous back or neck pains can be a sign of a big problem and if you want to keep your spine healthy, here are some things to follow: –

Replace your spine pain with these helpful habits

  1. Posture is extremely important. When you are using your laptop or working or writing on your desk, make sure the computer is right in front of you. You don’t want your chair to be too high or low neither do you want the computer screen to be on the left or right side. You don’t want to keep turning your neck constantly to look at something. Not at all of us are aware of the right posture to sit on a chair. Do not slouch otherwise it will cause strain on your shoulders and spine.
  2. Another important tip is when you wake up and get out of bed, do not bend down to put on slippers. When you are asleep, your discs in between the vertebrae get rehydrated once you put weight on them. You are prone to cause serious injury to them if you don’t give some time to the discs to settle back to their place. You can ask any spine surgeon in India about this theory and they will agree. Don’t instantly pressurize your spine once you wake up. Give it a little time.
  3. Keep your phone at an eye level. We bend down so much to look at our phones and you only stress your neck in all this. Hold the phone right at the eye level when you use it or when you message anyone. By bending and looking down to the phone, you are pressurizing your neck a lot more than you think. You are not making it difficult for the neck but also your back.
  4. Don’t lift heavy weights. If your body doesn’t support it, don’t do it. Not everyone has strong muscles and it can take time to build them up. Start slow and basic at the gym before jumping to heavy duty weight lifting. If you instantly lift weights, you can sometimes literally hear a crunch noise made by your vertebrate.
  5. Lastly, walk upright and if you suffer a slight pinch in your nerves in the neck or have aches in the spine, it can quickly lead to slipped disc issues. This is caused due to repetitive strain on the back, so be careful and get your back pains treated by a top spine specialist in India for permanent cure and relief from any future pains.

Add these 5 habits in your day to day life to save your spine from major injury.

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