Is Sweat With Kayla Worth The Money?

Sweat with Kayla is, in short, a phenomenon. A culmination of the contemporary effects social media can bring, and the influence that can arrive from the smallest of ideas.

But the Sweat with Kayla reviews available online- upon release – were not written with the warmest of welcomes, and it all boiled down to one overriding, singular flaw: the price for Sweat with Kayla pdf.

Is Sweat With Kayla Worth The Money?

Sweat with Kayla App Origins

From her humble start in Adelaide, Australia to her worldwide phenomena like success in 2016, Kayla Itsines’ rise has been spectacular. And at $120 for the original guide, and a reported million customers – you can do the maths as to how lucrative the Kayla Itsines brand has become, and while there are no official evaluations of how much Itsines is worth, nor has she ever publicly released sales figures of her guides, you can expect her worth to increase dramatically with the newly released Kayla Itsines app.

The purpose of which, is to be an engaging form of exercise that acts as a companion to guide you along your fitness journey, and encourages the user to share their experiences and their achievements with daily goals and accomplishments that are made, essentially building a community-like feel that is arguably persistently absent in individual exercise movements of this kind.

It arrived on the tail end of her first great tenure into the fitness world with the ‘Bikini Body Guide’, the original impetus behind her contemporary superstardom, and immense online following.

Sweat with Kayla aimed to replicate that success into a more engaging realm of community-minded fitness, and encourage women of every shape and size to join the revolution that Kayla has formed along the way.

Kayla Itsines App Features

The application enables the user to have everything they need with regards to their fitness pilgrimage available right at their fingertips, including workouts, meal plans, recipes and a buying guide.

Upon closer inspection, however, the Kayla Itsines App is split into five distinguishable parts:

  • Today – where you can find all your workouts
  • Education – where you can find advice and information on workouts, nutrition and meal tips from Kayla herself.
  • Food – this is where you find your meal planners for the week ahead, weight loss recipes and a shopping list.
  • Progress – here you can take your before picture and the subsequent progress pictures as you move along with the programme.
  • Profile – this is where you enter all your personal information, such as height, weight and your diet choice (standard/vegan or vegetarian)

It very clearly lays out your workouts for the week, so every Monday you can login and see how many resistance, low intensity interval training, high-intensity interval training, and rehabilitation sessions you should aim to complete that week.

There is a workout planner, which is great for those who nearly get to the end of the week and realise they haven’t done a workout yet, and this is incorporated with your calendar (linked to the email you signed up with) and will automate reminders to assist in your planning of how you want your week of workouts to look.

The price

But having to make additional purchases to access information you might already have paid for, is what the underlying issue at hand becomes, and is what angered so many loyal followers when the app was initially released.

Returning customers had to pay a subscription fee to access materials they already owned, and were introduced to repetitive information, and programmes they already had mastered and finished.

The biggest flaw, however, is evidenced as soon as you stop paying for Sweat with Kayla App access, when subsequently, you have nothing to show for your payments.

There’s no more access to the workouts you’ve already done, there’s no PDF file you can save, just a complete wipe of everything you have paid and subscribed for. Essentially forming the idea that you are only ‘renting’ this information.

And at a steep price of $19.99 per month, and a dedicated 6 months it takes to complete both BBG 1.0 and BBG 2.0, it is no wonder outrage was so common. The app usage essentially boiled down to a whopping $119.94 of waste, for members of, the so-called, #KaylasArmy ($19.97 x 6 months = $119.94).

As a result, the question still lingers, is Sweat with Kayla worth the money?

Sweat with Kayla Conclusion

Some people are a little wary of the $19.99 monthly subscription (which can be cancelled with a month’s notice). But when you break it down into a weekly payment of $4.99 and truly consider everything it offers, and its functionality it offers for you as an individual, it might not seem that much.

Kayla has also introduced a once off payment for 3 months to help people who would rather pay up front and not sign up to a subscription. And there is also the opportunity to try a 7 day free trial whereby you can decide if the product is right for you.

The app is convenient to take anywhere, easy to download and use. And the results continue to pour in, as evidence of the workouts efficiency and worthiness.

But, at its core, not only does the app provide a guideline, but it certainly helps in finding what health means to you as an individual, and if that is a priority, paying much less than a monthly gym membership might be the turning point for you to turn your life around. You can definitely achieve your fitness goals with Sweat with Kayla app.

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