All The Things You Should Know About Rugs

Traditionally speaking, a rug (or RUG, in all caps) is defined as those piece of products that are generally laid down on the floor, be it in our homes or be it somewhere else maybe office, restaurants, to make the floor look better, though there are more usages of a rug, which is also called as carpets.

A rug or a carpet is used for many occasions, and their main purpose is to keep the floor covered. Here are some benefits of rugs, and why they are used.

  • It covers the floor,
  • Carpets and rugs comes in various shapes, sizes and designs which makes your room or house or office look better,
  • Keeps the dust away from the floor,
  • Saves the floor from scratches and bruises, which might come from moving objects over the floor unprotected,
  • Makes it easier to clean the surface, since carpets can be easily picked up – cleaned and then reinstalled in the floor at ones’ leisure,
  • A carpet often depicts traditions and events from the history which makes them one important artifact which will show some status and respect towards the owner.

Types of Carpets

Depending on the way how a carpet or a rug is made, they are classified into many categories. Also depending up on the region of origin or from the time of origin, carpets are classified in many ways, but the principal way of distinguishing one carpet from another is the way they are made, and depending on that, carpets are of the following types:

  1. Woven – as the name suggests, they are woven from fabric and depending up on the type of yarn or material used, these carpets have different color combination which is the principal attraction of a carpet.
  2. Needle Made – these carpets are more advanced and have been developed quite late, mainly by the people from the Asian countries in the ancient times. This technique uses each synthetic fiber separately and they are used to knot in to the carpet to make them look good.
  3. Knotted Carpets – made from two different types of materials one which supports the weight of the carpet and the other one which depicts some pictures and events are primarily described as knotted carpets. They are also known as supplementary cut loop weft pile carpets due to the way in which they are made.
  4. Tufted – in these type of carpet the pile of material is generally injected into a heavy background material and this is the way in which a modern day carpet is made are available in the general stores are these types of carpets.
  5. Apart from all these methods of making, all other carpets are classified in to the fifth category of carpets which does not follow this principle. Some of the fifth type of carpets is – embroidery carpets which have their origins during the Mughals in the ancient times and are not generally used for floor coverings, and flat weave carpets or hook carpets.
Rugs Frankston
Rugs Frankston

Commercial and Residential Purposes

Carpets are being used in many residential flats and also in commercial buildings. A commercial building generally uses those carpets which are factory made – that is made with in the last fifty years after the development of factories and renaissance in European countries. While people in residence can choose the traditional carpets which are hand woven and are generally very costly or they prefer to use factory made ones which are cheaper. No matter the make is, carpets have found their usage from the ancient times, and they are still being used, so you can also use them where ever you want.

If you want to know more about then get advice from our expert before buying these rugs for your home.

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