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Critical Factors That Will Make Your Mobile App A Success

In the mobile application development sector, going wrong means putting all your efforts and finances in trash. Even after knowing the fact, interestingly we see hundreds of mobile apps not making up to even the novice levels of market penetration.

As you embark on the journey of developing mobile apps, the business owners and mobile app developers in Toronto must ensure a smooth transition of ideas into functionalities that translates into business later as the app rolls out.

Here are a few critical factors that you must consider in order to make your app rank high on the success card:


When it comes to mobile applications, the first impression usually lasts till eternity. This is why mobile app developers in Toronto emphasize that the application design should be aesthetically advanced to entice the users. Not only it should appear sleek and modern but it should also contain graphics that are high definition and works seamlessly regardless of the device screen size and technical configuration.

User friendly

The main goal of any mobile app developer is to create an app interface that is easy to understand for new app users and thus highlights the app’s features in a much better way. Even for the people who do not hold a technical background, apps that are user friendly gets to score their attention as well due to their easy user interface and user friendly functionalities.

All the screens within the app should be neat and clear, and not look cluttered or distorted. An option-overload should be absolutely avoided, as it makes almost impossible to navigate through the app on a small mobile smartphone screen.

The app should incorporate a few specialized and valuable features instead of having a truckload of not-so-useful features. These should be above the fold (i.e visible at first sight) and easy to use.

App functionalities

Functionalities are the back bone of any mobile app. In order to do good in the market, the application must and should work perfectly. All the buttons should be easy to locate for a new user and should work as they are supposed to during the game play. Successful mobile applications are ones that function glitch free irrespective of the mobile device and mobile platform they are displayed on. Any given powerful functionality in an app makes it stand out from the competition.


The app should provide a unique value through its service, whether that is in the form of entertainment or information. It should possess tangible qualities that will make users reach for it despite there being similar offerings in the market. Its value should be apparent to the users and they should know the type of value that is provided to them. Your app has to make users feel rewarded each time they use it. They should not have to go through several steps or wait for a long time to utilize its inherent value.

It’s a kind of reverse thesaurus and dictionary. So, when you type something like ‘blue-green’, it returns you the exact word for that, which is ‘turquoise’. It’s essentially a writer’s best friend helping him find wordy phrases without doing extensive searches. It also displays the definition of any specific word when tapped on a word suggestion.

Freedom to Customize

Most people prefer apps that let them customize them as per their choice. The app should allow users to calibrate the settings to suit their taste and preference. The customization can be in the form of changing the skin, colors or adding decorations to the app. This will make more people, especially those who are drawn by aesthetics, want to use this app for a longer period of time. However, it is important to remember that the customization options should not overpower the core functionality of the application.


With all of the above mentioned factors your mobile app should be unique. It should fulfill a unique value proposition for your user that entices him to download and use it. If your app fulfils what the user desired for, chances are he might even subscribe to the paid version as well.

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