How To Take Care Of Dental Fillings – Managing Tips by Hillview Dentist In Catford

Accidents and mishaps are very common and it can take place at any moment irrespective of the place and time. It is also possible that you damage your dental fillings unknowingly or the fillings may even fall off without you noticing it. Have you already come across a situation like this? Not to worry, you can follow some instant home remedies before you reach your local Catford dentist and get a refilling. This is a common condition which can arise when it has been a long time since you had a dental filling. So, calm down and continue reading the blog to know how to manage such circumstances.

How To Take Care Of Dental Fillings - Managing Tips by Hillview Dentist In Catford

Steps to follow when your filling comes out

If your white dental filling falls off, it is advised to take on the following steps to deal with the scenario:

  • If possible, apply drops of clove oil in the sensitive area with help of cotton wool. It will minimize the pain to a great extent.
  • If it is the front tooth filling, you can save it for your dentist. Collect the pieces in a container and visit a dental clinic right away.
  • You should brush with gentle hands to clean the area, thus, saving it from further tooth infection.
  • If the pain is exceeds, you can take over-the-counter pain killers to ease the discomfort. But remember, avoid aspirin rather, take Ibuprofen or Tylenol for the purpose.
  • You can also use dental cement available at medical counters to cover the damaged tooth surface. This will help you protect the area before you reach the dental expert.
  • If nothing of this work, consult Hillview dentist in Catford for instant cure remedies for a damaged filling.

Edibles to be avoided after a new filling

When you get your tooth refilled, it is important to take care of the new filling. You should avoid on some particular kind of food items such as:

  • Hard, Sticky and Sweet items – Remember, your newly repaired tooth needs time to settle down and eating hard and sticky candies might damage them. Sweets may leave layers of sugar on the tooth surface as an invitation to the tracking bacteria. This little carelessness may result in serious dental issues like gum infection and tooth decay.
  • Cold and hot foods or drinks – Foods like cold drinks and ice creams may lead to tooth sensitivity and cause sharp pain and discomfort. If you still want to have some, use a straw to sip in the ice drinks. Hot food items are also a reason being sharp sensitivity pain in the tooth. So, it is recommended to avoid both hot and cold food items for maintenance of your new dental filling.
  • Acidic Food – Foods rich in acidic elements include limes, oranges, lemon citric juices and soft drinks. These acidic items can wash away your enamel gradually and lead to worsened tooth sensitivity.

Taking care of your dental filling should be your priority to preserve that happy smile on your face. As said, losing a filling is common, but following effective methods in saving it can prove really helpful in maintain their durability and longevity.

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