Women Health Tips – How To Achieve Lean Muscle Gain

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Every woman wants a lean body with the perfect shape that can make them confident. But as people are living in the busy career-oriented life, having too much time with the gym trainer is next to impossible.

Even people who pay heavy gym fee monthly and go for the useless diet to get the super lean body. But did they ever get the satisfying results? No!

In this editorial, we have come up with very beneficial tips that can educate you about the lean muscle technique that not only saves lots of effort and time but surely help you to get in shape  easily.

Women Health Tips - How To Achieve Lean Muscle Gain

Look at the Carbohydrates

People who have fast metabolism rate and eat 5-6 times in a day tend to prevent muscle wasting and gain lean muscle easily. The only way to gain muscle is to consume more calories compared to the calories you are burning.

However, taking excess carbohydrates is not the right way to staying lean and gaining size. This doesn’t mean that you should throw away all the carbohydrates rich food like pasta, bread or rice just to get faster lean mass. Carbohydrates are the main source of body power. Expert’s state that human body can only stores 400gms of carbohydrates at a time. So instead of thinking about carbohydrates in food, go for more work out.

  • Follow a workout with proper intensity and volume.
  • Take rest in between the workouts

Make a Note on Eating Volume

If you want to have lean muscle, then you must watch what are you eating? You should understand the role of fat and protein in the body. Fat hold 9 calories per gram, on the other hand, protein/carbs holds just 4 grams. As per National Strength and Conditioning Association, if you want to have muscle mass, then carbohydrates is a must to have in your diet.

For best result in muscle mass gain, you must take following recommendations like:

  • Take extra 250 calories a day
  • With bodybuilding workouts take 300 calories extra
  • Protein intake must be 1.4 to 1.8 gms.


Everyone wants toned muscle and perfect shaped body. Lamentably, chiseling yourself into your craved body isn’t that simple. You can lift, squat, and twist throughout the day, however without the right supplements, it is next to impossible. So having best and safe bodybuilding supplements is not bad. It is faster in having results. However, with the right kind of supplements, it is very important to check the diet that you are eating. Supplementing with Omega 3 or eating fish is very important. It keeps the BP in control and decreases triglyceride levels.

Bodybuilding supplements helps the body in many forms like:

  • Expands bulk
  • Helps stamina
  • Advances fat-blazing
  • Expands protein combination
  • Helps testosterone and IGF-1 levels
  • Controls serotonin levels
  • Expands ATP
  • Underpins longer, more serious workouts

So what are you waiting for? Have the best workout session with right kind of supplements that can help you to get best results in less time.

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