All About Alpha Theta Center

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Are you feeling down? Depressed? Anxious or having issues with sleeping? Have you ever wondered how to train your brain and lessen these things that you are feeling and experiencing? The thought of being able to train your brain towards a balanced state so you can sleep well at night, reduce the depression and anxiety you are feeling, and recover from a traumatic brain injury. Nobody knows if there is such a place like this. Well, actually there is. This place is called the Alpha Theta Center in San Diego.

All About Alpha Theta Center

About Alpha Theta Center

The Alpha Theta Center was founded by Dr. Michael Villanueva, which worked as a clinical psychologist for almost over 15 years. Due to his excellent performance, he was deployed in Afghanistan as a combat psychologist. He was also the first deployed psychologist to use neurofeedback and Alpha Theta synchrony training within a clinic to combat stress. He and his team was able to achieve major success in reducing insomnia and anger among soldiers which is related to operational stress. He also used this method to enhance soldier’s performance which also helps in identifying underlying unsuspected mental abilities. If you wish to enhance your mental abilities or lessen mental related issues, the Alpha Theta Center is located in San Diego, California.

All About Alpha Theta Center

The Center’s Services

Alpha Theta Center cater different customized services for neurofeedback training based on a person’s Quantitative EEG (QEEG). Neurofeedback can be used to enhance conditions such as sleep problems, depression, anxiety, memory problems, learning problems and many more. It can also be applied to enhance cognitive performance, athletic performance and more. The team of Dr. Villanueva have worked with several mental issues, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other injuries in the brain that resulted to brain trauma. Neurofeedback uses several tools, such as QEEG brain mapping, Audio Visual Entertainment (AVE), Theta Alpha Gamma Synchrony (TAG) and many more. These tools can be used individually or by pair to best suit your needs which also have the best results for you. The center also caters a neurofeedback mobile service, where they can go to your office or home and provide selected neurofeedback services once a brain map is completed. The center also caters a home based neurofeedback service training unit in which they can order for you – this unit will be purchased by the customer and will then be returned to the center after several number of home training is completed.

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