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The Field Of Behavioral Medicine

Behavioral Medicine is a specialized field within Clinical Psychology. The focus is on serving people learn to manage their chronic illness more effectively, which should lead to an overall improvement in the person’s quality of life. Specialists who study in this field work closely with physicians, but they also use non-drug techniques and therapies to help the person manage their chronic illness in a better way. The Behavioral Medicine specialist treats certain mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse and addiction, bipolar disorder and many more.

Dr. Cripe is a neuro-engineer who has made specialization in the field of behavioral medicine. As a pioneer in the field of behavioral medicine, Dr. Curtis Cripe founded the Crossroads Institute for serving people suffering from brain dysfunction. This program makes use of exclusive internet management as well as telemedicine brain teaching delivery methods to reach to the individuals located in the remote places.

From North Central University of Arizona, Dr. Cripe received a PhD in behavioral medicine and psychology. He started this path after he first received from California State Polytechnic University, a Bachelor’s as well as a Master’s degree in engineering. He did his specialization in aerospace engineering and after which he started working for NASA’s deep space research missions as a senior systems engineer for the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL). He worked on a several projects there, and one of those first projects was the significant first landing of Mars. At present he is working with NTL Group, Inc as a Behavioral Medicine – NeuroEngineer and practices neuroengineering here. The NTL Group Inc. is locatedin a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona.

Apart from working as a Behavioral Medicine expert, Cripe loves beekeeping and hydroponic gardening, which he usually does in the leisure hours together with his wife. These hobbies have provided him with excellent inheritance of vegetables and honey. Curtis Cripe is pursued for his thought leadership and is the talented author of many peer-studied publications and a number of books on the topics of research.   Dr. Cripe is a lifetime member of the Golden Key International Honor Society for Academics. He is also a Certified Peak Performance Instructor, Certified Neurotherapy Instructor, and a member of ISNR, a nonprofit organization.

His only aim is to help in brain development of children, teenagers as well as adults with brain dysfunctions and this is why he has established a combined mental rehabilitation/ neurotherapy / development training course. Thus, he develops programs designed to foster brain development in young people whose brain functions are developmentally deferred and assist wounded adults recover the functioning of the brain so that they can lead a better quality of life. Dr. Curtis Cripe says that each brain is identical. Therefore, he has several distinct programs that look at, the injured brain, the developing brain and the addicted brain.  Therefore, each program identifies definite issues to specific populations.

Thus, it can be concluded by stating that the behavioral medicine field can help a lot of people to lead a better quality of life by treating the cause of the problems.

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