Campus vs. Home Living: Which One Is Better?

Going to the college is a significant decision for every student. The choice is extremely important and based on the few criteria. Sometimes they include home remoteness, other times they don’t.

However, most applicants don’t take into account aforementioned issue. They aspire other things from colleges, such as educational and personal growth and new experiences. When the main decision is made, the second most important question pops up: where to live?

Then a student has two options, he could live in a dormitory or at home if it’s close enough to the college. Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages. Along with the individual research and talks with a family and friends, the article will help you to choose the most relevant option.

Advantages of Living on Campus

First of all, there is a community spirit. It varies, but the majority of the universities counts the dorm as a center of the community. A dorm is a place where you can get new friends and resident hall mates. Although, it isn’t the unbreakable rule and some universities treat their dorms only as a living place.

Second is a comfort. Everyone knows, how terrifying it is to sleep in and open the eyes 20 minutes before the class starts. The next second you hustle and try to do everything simultaneously: eat, dress and do hair at the same time. Usually, for all the good it does. If you live in the dorms, the catastrophe is almost impossible. There is no fear of the commuting, traffic jam and being hopelessly late.

Third is the social activity. Living in the dorm opens doors for the new friends and acquaintances. There are always new people so it’s easier to make friends. The whole atmosphere is welcoming.
Sometimes it also comes with the furniture. It saves a lot of money and time, which is important for the freshmen. It doesn’t happen always, but it’s easy enough to research.

Disadvantages of Living on Campus

The advantages named above quickly become cons if you think about them.

First, there is less freedom for all intents and purposes. You will have less space, both physical and personal. The rooms are always small and someone lives with you. It means the bathroom will be community too. The living facilities vary by the universities, so take some time to examine them.

But the common truth is that you are always surrounded by people in the dorm. Of course, it can be fun and entertaining but endless parties mess up with the study, even if you don’t take part. From times to times one can use college essay writing service online. Nevertheless, it doesn’t solve the problem completely.

Advantages of Living off Campus

The option can be cheaper. It takes some time and analysis but the rent is often more satisfying than the dormitory fee.

Secondly, you have your freedom. You set own rules and change them whenever you want. It requires a certain level of responsibility, but it’s what university is supposed to give a student, right?
The roommate choice is another huge benefit. Unlike from the campus, you can choose a person, who meets your expectations and wants. Who knows, maybe, it will become the start of a lifelong friendship? Even if it won’t happen, anyway, it’s better to live with someone at least comfortable for you.

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