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What Is The Singapore Community Health Assist Scheme?

This new scheme is known as CHAS for short and it stands for Community Health Assist Scheme. This program was launched during 2012, by Singapore’s Ministry of Health. It gives citizens of the country the ability to access the health care that they need, even if their incomes are comparatively low.

The program is made for those with lower or middle incomes, in addition to Pioneers, and it allows these people to access subsidies for their dental and medical care, via general practitioners and dentists who are enrolled in the CHAS program. It’s a program which is geared at making sure that people from all walks of life have access to the dental care and health care that they need.

Qualification Guidelines for the Program

In order to gain access to this program, those who apply must be official citizens of the island city-state and they also need to meet certain other guidelines. For example, they need to make eighteen hundred dollars per month or less. Households where no income comes in must have an annual value residence of twenty-one thousand dollars or less.

When someone is approved for this program, he or she will get a special card which proves membership in the CHAS program. The card will be orange or blue. Subsidies for CHAS are available via participating health care clinics and dental clinics.

Pioneers will also be eligible for these types of subsidies, for the same types of services. They will need to use their Pioneer Generation cards in order to get the services and subsidies.

Clinics which participate in this program have special stickers (which read, “chas”) on their front doors. This makes it easy for people to know which clinics and dentists are participating, before they go in and seek out services.

This Program is Good for the Country 

This program is so beneficial. It makes health services and dental care accessible to those who might not be able to afford it otherwise. It’s a great and positive use of tax dollars and benefits all of society. Singapore has a progressive government which is known for taking care of its citizens. The government goes the extra mile in order to help and it’s also taking care to reconfigure the entire health care system, with a mind to meeting the needs of the aging, Baby Boomer population.

If you need health and dental services in Singapore and you meet the criteria for the CHAS program, why not apply for admission to the program today? It’s a health care scheme which will save you money. It’s not hard to get into the program if you qualify and it’s the best way to reduce the cost of health services and dental care. You may find out more about CHAS by visiting official Singapore government websites. Once you’ve been admitted to CHAS, you’ll find that there are plenty of clinics and dental offices to choose from. You should be able to find the skilled care that you need without a problem.

About the Author: Morris Edwards is a content writer at Singapore Company Incorporation Consultants Pte Ltd, who have written articles related to Health, Business in Singapore and Singapore Business Registration.

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