Best SEO Practices To Grow Your Business

SEO is a 65 billion dollar industry originated in the 1900’s when the search engines first burst into the scene. The industry in its entirety is dedicated to help a website reach its full potential in order to attract the most views and generate more sales leads and online orders. This is vital to many businesses that want to create brand value and attract more customers.

In order to ensure that SEO brings success, please find the seven step SEO guide to be used and grow the business with good SEO strategies.

1. Discover the audience : The SEO marketing strategy will be effective only if the company knows their audience well enough to keep them engaged. This is particularly true for companies in niche markets that offer products or services which appeals to few specific interests. It is imperative now to speak the language of the potential customers as many potential customers may be turned off by businesses that does not. Various people respond to different forms of content differently and being able to offer the multiple means of communication can help. Essex SEO can help in this research and help connect with their audience.

2. Find optimal keywords : One of the best ways to increase or acquire new customers is to be listed in the top three results when a customer searches for a product or service offered by them. As compared to businesses listed at the bottom of the search page, top three listed businesses get 33% more traffic. Targeting the right keywords is most important. You should target keywords with higher monthly search numbers which will inadvertently result in higher traffic.

Best SEO Practices To Grow Your Business

3. Take voice and mobile search into account : In the last few years, mobile searches have surpassed desktop searches. This means that most of the online searches are made on mobile and mostly done by speaking a search query into a mobile device. This has changed the way websites are designed and keywords researched. It is normal that when people speak, they speak in phrases and use what are called long-tail keywords. Incorporating long-tail and short-tail keywords can improve ranking in search results.

4. Make the most of your website : It is important that once a customer clicks on the website link, it is accessible easily with all the product descriptions or services on offer listed.The customer’s interest should be maintained long enough till they become a customer or a possible lead. SEO companies like Essex SEO even suggest adding an option to translate the website to another language.

5. Content Marketing : In this age, where content is the king as it provides a business’s audience something to keep engaged and also regularly add content through a company blog. Be sure that the blog has multiple articles with current, relevant information.

Good SEO strategies require a coordinated effort by a small team to implement. There are a variety of SEO companies which helps to implement a content marketing strategy that includes content creation and promotion which is an important part of SEO. For eg: Essex SEO

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