Recommendations On How To Qualify In The Theory Driving Test

These days, it has become essential for everybody to know how to drive. There are certain traffic rules that needs to be followed for a safe driving experience. For this, both theory driving test online as well as practical driving test needs to be passed.

The theory driving test consists of two parts:

  1. Multiple choices – This section contains 50 questions, of which 43 is the passing marks. A total of 57 minutes given to complete this section.
  2. Hazard perception test – It includes watching 14 video clips which attribute “everyday road scenes”, with minimum one developing hazard. At least 44 correct questions are required to pass this section from a set of 75 questions.

The theory exam is not an easy process, as it requires a lot of preparation. Here are some tips on how to pass your theory test:

  1. Schedule a mock test – Mock test will help you to get some extra revision regarding the multiple choice section. Hazard perception can be easily practiced by using an application.
  2. Read the books – DVSA (Driving Standard Agency) has proposed a handbook on the theory test, which contains helpful tips and example questions. It is advised that you go through this book, in order to get at least 44 correct answers to pass.
  3. Register for your theory test – There are many test centers countrywide. You can book the nearest centre and give the test by visiting the official government website.
  4. Essentials to take along – You must take along credit or debit card to pay for the cost of the test. Also, provisional license photo card is a mandatory requirement for you to be able to sit for the test.
  5. Review your hazard spotting – After clearing the multiple choice question you’ll be directed to the hazard perception test. It consists of video clips, highlighting variety of driving hazard. Preparing for this section includes examining the roads efficiently and identifying distractions that helps you to change direction and speed in case of any potential hazard.
  6. Utilize the practice time – Initially 15 minutes will be given to you, so that you understand the pattern of the questionnaire and the kind of questions asked.
  7. Flag difficult questions – A total of 57 minutes will be given to attempt 50 multiple choice questions. Press the flag button if you do not understand any question, so that you can simply go back to it before the test ends.
  8. Use of Highway codes and road signs – This is one of the most important tip as most of the questions come from it. Proper knowledge about highway codes and road signs will help you to get a good score.


When it comes to taking a theory driving test online, it can be both exciting as well as stressful. A good level of control, perception of others and forward thinking is all that is required to qualify this test. Along with this, the above mentioned tips will definitely help you in making this test all the more exiting and not stressful.

Happy and Safe Driving!

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