5 Myths Of Stem Cell Research You Might Not Know!

For the past couple of years, stem cell research and its medicinal developments have been on the extreme rise.  Every day, patients are given hope through successful trial programs by finding new progress on stem cells.  This is especially wonderful news for all those who have spent countless treatment options for in vain.  However, there are some myths that are still circulating about this disease.  Let’s what myths have been debunked with the recent stem cell research.

5 Myths Of Stem Cell Research You Might Not Know!

1. Embryos Are The Only Source Of Stem Cells

False. Even though it is true embryonic stem cells can be acquired from embryos, but the fact of the matter is that they are not accessible base. They can be found in large quantities all through a grown-up’s body.  They can be retrieved from tissue from organs, muscles, body fat, and even bone marrow.

 2. The Best Source For Stem Cells, Is Bone Marrow

False.  As stated above, bone marrow is just one of the sources for stem cells.  There has been an extensive studies conducted on stem cells generated from bone marrows.  This research has been used to treat particular forms of cancer.  This extensive research has been done to make the medical community understand what the bone marrow stem cells have to offer.

Luckily, the bone marrow stem cells comprise of many dissimilar forms.  Mesenchymal happens to be one kind of stem cell. The mesenchymal cells can be found in a fatty tissue, and have the ability to become different types of tissue and can also communicate with the other cells. The exciting part is that they be administered and be restored into the body instantly. This kind of stem cell can be found in fat tissue and its frequency is far more superior than that of bone marrow.

For Poor Heart Health, Stem Cell Treatment Can Be Used Alternatively For Bypass Surgery Or Stents

Unfortunately, not just yet.  However, advanced medicines have come up with many options that offer effective treatment for conditions like, angina and artery related heart diseases.

There are many practices that focus on the increasing the blood flow in the large coronary arteries that remain outside the heart.  These procedures have proved to have given tremendous relief to an innumerable number of patients.

However, unfortunately sometimes these procedures do not completely work on many patients, and they do not receive relief and their health is still very much at risk.

 3. Heart Diseases Can Be Cured By Stem Cell Therapy

False. Unfortunately, heart disease cannot yet be cured by stem cell therapy. However, it has been learned from clinical research trials, that when the heart is injected with the patient’s own stem cells – it has many healing advantages, such as:

The heart has increased blow flow

Improved oxygen use and entry

Increased performance of physical activity

4. Stem Cell Therapy Won’t Be Accepted By The Body And There Is A Risk Of The Body Rejecting It

If the stem cells are taken from the patient’s own body tissue, the chances of rejection are highly unlikely.  Believe it or not, even studies have shown that safety is not a problem if the tissue is taken from one’s own body fat stem cells.  The risk of your body rejecting cells produced by you is removed.

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