Dehumidifier Rental: Cleaning Up After A Flood

December 14, 2016 News No Comments

Extensive flooding can cause as much damage to your property as a fire but unlike the fire, most of the damage that results from heavy flooding can be prevented if you act quickly and clean up efficiently. The risks of not cleaning up immediately after a flood can range from mild property damage to severe health issues that result from mould and bacteria building up in the damp environment. These types of disasters can strike without a warning as even snowmelt can cause a lot of damage to your property and put your safety at risk. Cleaning up does not only mean getting rid of the water in your basement or ground floor, it also means cleaning up the air, especially if your house was soaked by sewage or has wooden beams and foundations, while drying up your furniture and floor space is definitely important, making sure that the air is moisture free is just as important; this is where air dehumidifiers come in.

An air dehumidifier is a specialised appliance that can sucks moisture out of the air. It does this by running the air past heating or cooling coils (depending on your location), thereby eliminating moisture from the air, making it safe to breathe. Damp spaces put your house at risk from mould formations that can trigger severe allergic reactions and cause children to develop asthma and bronchial infections. Using a dehumidifier to clean after a flood is the best way to make sure that your family is safe in their home.

Buying a dehumidifier may be quite expensive and if disaster strikes unexpectedly then it may be very difficult to invest in one immediately. A dehumidifier rental can be just the answer. Thankfully there are several rental services that offer you the opportunity to clean up your home for a fair price. Without a doubt the best of such services is the one provided by Lemarg Rental. Their dehumidifiers are made by highly regardedbrands that specialize in making your home safe again; besides, they also offer an express delivery service that allows you to tackle the problem immediately to stop it from growing and becoming more expensive to fix. As well as offering a quick service, they also wish to ensure your safety which is why they have a team of experts on standby, ready to help you with any issue you may have or with the logistics of clean-up. When disaster strikes, time is of the essence and their professionalism and efficiency guarantees that you will get the best service possible.

Finding a good dehumidifier rental is not hard, especially if you live in a flood-prone area; however, finding one quickly is the most important part. It is estimates that after a flood you have 24 to 38 hours to clean up before it becomes hazardous to your health and that of your family. Your biggest enemy is mould and bacteria, a dehumidifier helps you get rid of both promptly and without supposing a major expense.

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