Get Sparkling And Clean Glass Windows

Hundreds of towering buildings seeming to touch the skyline stand in London. All the buildings have glass doors and windows. Over the time, dust and soot accumulates over them. There are many office window cleaners London . They strive to clean the dirty windows and leave them shining. They use modern techniques to clean the windows on the highest floor.

Here’s an overview of the techniques used by office window cleaners in London:

Abseiling : It is rope access window cleaning method. The professionals climb on ropes to have access of the high level windows. All the professionals are fully insured and have immense expertise at the task. They are trained according to the standards of IRATA. A complete risk assessment and carried out before initiating the task. All the guidelines of the Health and Safety are strictly followed when carrying out the cleaning task.

Ladder Cleaning : It is a conventional technique of cleaning doors and windows. Ladder cleaning is suitable for small buildings which do not have many floors. V shaped ladders are used to reach windows at height of 35 feet. Bucket and squeeze method is used to rip off the dirt. Adequate safety is followed to reduce damage to the flooring.

Get Sparkling And Clean Glass Windows

High level Reach and Wash Pole Cleaning : In this technique, the laboratory water is heated to 70 and then propelled towards the building at high pressures. This help to clean windows even at 80 feet. This method is more effective and affordable than the other cleaning methods. No risks are involved in such cleaning. Canopies, facades and skylights are cleaned properly.

Benefits of High level Reach and Wash Pole Cleaning :

  • Environmental friendly technique

  • High Safety of the professionals as they operate from the ground

  • Does not require ladders for reaching high levels

  • Frames and frontages are also cleaned, so no extra cost

Window Cleaning Cradles : The cradles are used to carry the professionals to the top of building blocks. It is a relatively safe technique and ensures maximum safety of the worker. You can choose among wide range of cradles that can be suitable for your commercial and residential buildings.

Hydraulic Platform : At time, some buildings are very high. This makes it impossible to reach the top using cradles or ladders. Here’s when the hydraulic platform comes into use. The hydraulic platform vehicles are used to reach heights of 100 feet. You can book different hydraulic vehicles depending on your need and budget.

Harnesses and eye bolts : The harness and eyebolts are used to reach the inaccessible and unsafe parts of buildings. With the eyebolt fixing, the professionals can access towering buildings. Many companies also provide installation and testing of the eyebolts. The eyebolts must be tested every six months to ensure no risk. Also, a risk evaluation process is carried out to determine the risk involved followed by appropriate safe course of action.

If you are looking forward to get your windows clean, contact the office window cleaners London. Request a free quote and they will get back to you with their services.

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