12 Of The Best Healing Herbs For Medical Treatments!

Not everyone can afford pharmaceutical drugs or visit doctor/hospital. Plus drugs entail various side effects on health. On the other hand, herbal remedy is both safe and effective. Things like peppermint oil and ginger are known to cure minor health problems while saving you bills on prescriptions.

12 Of The Best Healing Herbs For Medical Treatments!

Let us see few of the healing herbs and those we grow too

1.    Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha aka Withania somnifera is used as a revitalizingstimulant, anti-inflammatory, means to reduce anxiety and boost theimmune system. You can have the desired impact by simmering 1 tsp of dried and sliced root in a cup of water for 10 minutes. Drink it for about 2-3 times a day for maximum effect.
On the downside, it can cause milk sedation and can impact your thyroid hormones.

2.    Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh is another herb that is known to cure menstrual spasms and arthritis ache due to its tendency to treat menopausal syndromes. It is home based remedial technique and consuming 1-2 ml for 3 times during the day can greatly enhance your chances of relief from aforementioned health issues.

There are always some concerns present with any herbal treatment and with Cohosh, liver damage cases have been reported, although, very few. So it is advisable to purchase the relevant herb from a trusted supplier instead of just buying from anywhere.

3.    Basil

Basil can come in handy in the event of gassiness, absence of hunger, and bruises etc. You can grow them in your own backyard and since this is a seasonal herb, harvest its leaves as per need.

4.    Chamomile

Chamomile can be utilized for easing digestive disorders such as indigestion issues as well as relieving anxiety, tension and skin inflammation/irritation.

5.    Echinacea

Echinacea can cure you of the usual cold or flu. The cure is in terms of reducing the severity of your symptoms plus also helps to boost your immune system.

6.    Fever few

The herb’s leaves and flowers pack the essence. Use it in teas or chew its leaves to relieve you of headaches including migraines, arthritis, and certain skin conditions.

7.    Johnny-jump-up

This herb entails anti-inflammatory properties and is of great help against eczema and skin spots/ stains. You can even seek to loose phlegm with Johnny-jump-up. The name is quite kick-ass, though!

8.    Lavender

The remedial effect of this herb is to calm and soothe your nerves but you can also avail it to ease the pain by applying a certain quantity to the skin where cuts and scrapes may have occurred. It has a built-in antiseptic property.

9.    Lemon Balm

Hailing from the family of mint, lemon balm is quite multipurpose in nature. It can relieve you of anxiety symptoms, against insomnia, wounds, insect bites, flatulence, stomach upsets, and herpes. Want speedy healing of cold sores too? Consider lemon balm.

10.    Marigold

For sunburns, acne and blemishes of all kinds look no further than the Marigold. This herb also aids in attending to ulcers and digestion problems.

11.    Calendula

Renowned for removing inflammation of the mouth, throat, and stomach, Calendula serves in the capacity of an ointment. Rashes, skin irritation and wounds can be addressed by applying the Calendula topical cream on them.

To prepare you must pour 1 cup of boiling water over 2 tsp petals. Steep for 10 minutes and strain, next you have the extract for tea and ointment ready. Oh and no concerns are known at this time so don’t be wary of it.

12.    Catnip

Nepeta cataria as it is called can be used to treat symptoms of upset stomach, anxiety and tension. You can consume it in the form of tea by pouring boiling water over its fresh or dried leaves and voila! It is ready after steeping of 5 minutes. Then strain and sweeten accordingly and drink 1-2 times per day.

These are some of the best herbs available that can be both grown indoors and have several uses that guarantee healthy daily life.

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