Tips On Choosing A Fitness Club Membership

There’s a famous proverb in English “Health is Wealth”. And it is very true no matter who you are and in which age group you fall. After all, you can enjoy your life only if you are fit enough for the crazy stuff that make it enjoyable.

A fitness club is a place where you get enough motivation to achieve your desired level of fitness. It is also a place where you can meet many fitness enthusiasts and can not only learn many things from them but also socialize with them.

Tips On Choosing A Fitness Club Membership

You must choose your fitness club very wisely. Achal Ghai founder member, Capital Club Dubai, has some basic advice for someone who is planning to join a fitness club. Here are these:

  • Start with small short term: The fee slabs may be designed in such a way that buying a long term plan would look cheaper. But you must go for small or medium term membership first. Many time it happens that people take one year plan and leave the gym after a few months, for one reason or the other.
  • Check what all features they have: Go to 3-4 gyms, and take a look at the facilities they provide. Compare them and go for the one which has more facilities. Also, see how many people visit the gym and if it is overcrowded. You cannot exercise in a gym that has many members coming at the same time.
  • Payment and membership cancellation: Read the terms and policies of the gym carefully. See what payment method you are comfortable with and ask for membership cancellation policy. Ask how much will they refund if you don’t like it or if you want to leave it after a month in an annual membership – this happens quite a lot!
  • It is a place for socializing too: Gym has become a place where you can meet fitness enthusiasts and learn from them. You can meet new people and who knows what can an informal meeting turn out to be. Remember, the Verizon-Vodafone acquisition deal was discussed in a gym.
  • Timings and distance: Distance matters, you should not choose a gym that is too far, but this does not mean you should compromise with the facilities, choose wisely. If your gym has rigid timings, this is not a good thing, if possible go for the one that gives you flexibility. You never know when can a comfortable time become odd for you.
  • Go for the one that has multiple branches: There are many gyms that have multiple branches in one city and also in other major cities. Choosing a gym that has multiple branches will ensure, if you don’t like it in one place you can shift to another.
  • Free dietitian: Many gyms have a facility of free dietitian and you must consider them. Good physique requires you to exercise and have a good diet as well, you might need some specific diet for your body type. Dietitian will evaluate your BMI and will guide you according to your fitness goals.
  • Ask about the breaks: Ask them on what days and holidays are they closed. This will give you another field based on which you can decide on your gym.

It is very important to know that taking weights by your own in a wrong way might be risky for your health and can create long term health issues as well. You must follow a trained professional who can guide you how the weights are lifted. Evaluate your gym wisely since you are not only going to invest money on it but your time too.

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