Damp Treatments Provided By London Damp Proofing

If you have a property, chances are that you may suffer from damp problems that can adversely affect your property. However, using the right damp proofing treatments can helps save your property from getting internally damaged. Wondering what is damp proofing? It is a process of waterproofing your property walls by placing a damp proofing layer mostly known as damp proofing course.

Why is Damp Proofing important?

If your walls are damp it means that it is retaining moisture which can be harmful for your property in the long run. With severe internal damage, the walls can collapse at any time. With London damp proofing you can be rest assured that the coating will prevent your walls, ceilings and foundations from retaining moisture and seepage of water through the gaps in the walls. You must ensure that you use a healthy and appropriate damp proofing course that can help stop the decaying process of the timber and prevent it from any structural harm. It does so by restricting the moisture from reaching the timbers in your property thereby, helping in the prevention of flare-ups of dry or wet-rot.

The Next step

While the building is under construction, you must check if a protective damp proof course is placed into the foundation of the walls, because that’s usually the process. It’s installed in a plastic membrane form or as a slate barrier. This is installed with the aim to stop the damp to climbing up the fabric walls. So, when you notice that the damp is rising through the walls or the property is slowly getting damped, then there’s something wrong somewhere within the property. However, if you are unable to identify the cause behind the damp, you should get in touch with a damp expert from London damp proofing to take care of the issue.

Damp Treatments Provided By London Damp Proofing

Reason behind damp patches

There can be many reasons why your property is getting damp. One of the major causes is leakage within a property for instance, wet rot or permeating damp. To find out the origin of the damp patches you must check the pipelines and the ducts within the areas that are affected, if there’s any cracks, damages, or defective joints, if the drains are clogged, if the damp is under a flat roof, window or placed around a chimney.

How to prevent damp

Check and clean your gutters regularly, look for any cracks or any joints that must be leaking and seal them accordingly, ensure regular inspection of the tiles if they are loose, if any growth of vegetation from the ducts, if there are any cracks on the ground made of stone work, etc., make sure that you deal with the damp issues as soon as you find them, eliminate any moisture completely out of the property by allowing enough sunlight inside the home, and by renewing the bath and the shower seals at regular intervals.

But, if you are unable to identify the damp issue or unable to solve the issue on your own, seek help from professionals like, London damp proofing and get rid of damp patches for life.

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