Cabinet Remodeling: Understanding The Inside Of Your Cabinets Plus More Basics

Cabinet refacing is a popular remodeling option among homeowners today! Besides offering a perfect opportunity for homeowners to gain high-quality updated cabinetry, this is a cost- effective alternative to the whole idea of replacing since you only shell out a fraction of the price. With cabinet refacing, you are at liberty to choose your unique door style and finish, and our team, equipped with contemporary interior décor skills, will meticulously reinforce the cabinetry’s structural components and then carefully apply the new cabinet surface. This will result in brand, sparkling new stylish cabinets.

But – do you understand what happens on the inside of the cabinets?

Don’t freak: You still have your options if you decide to reface your Kitchen Cabinetry

All cabinets are designed and installed in such a way that the interiors are finished to match the exterior. However, in the real sense, that might not be the case at all. Whichever the way, when you decide on updating cabinets on the outside, you may find that the cabinet interiors no longer match. Possibly the interiors looked lighter and now you are going the dark way, or vice versa.

Or, perhaps you change your kitchen countertops out, only to realize it made the cabinets look extremely outdated. In fact, this can make your cabinet exterior to look more dilapidated or significantly bad even if finish contrast is not your major concern.

Consider employing the following options when updating your seriously old kitchen cabinets.

Go natural: The contrasts will speak for themselves

Most homeowners are obsessively focused on issues that don’t even affect the design when they start to remodel. This makes the whole process complicated. Step back from that micro-view. Think out of the box and reevaluate your kitchen from another picture perspective. Think in terms of how much will your kitchen interior cabinets be seen and inspected?

Also, remember that cabinet contrasts are a vital element when it comes to a good kitchen design. After all, that dark or light contrast between the exterior and interior surfaces may not be as bad as you might have thought. In fact, smart homeowners will welcome this contrast provided the interiors are in a good shape.

Refacing and reconfiguring storage options

If you have decided to reface, chances are that your cabinets are 10+-years old – and the kitchen cabinet interiors will really give you a worthy service. So it’s high time you remodel them for a better look .But, you need to reconfigure the storage options first. And storage options are many: from the pull-out shelving, customized pot, pan as well as dishware storage spaces, your newly established storage solutions, with no doubt, will automatically redefine the way your cabinets look, especially when open.

Along these lines, interior cabinet reconfiguring can eliminate a number of the kitchen cabinetry altogether. This will accommodate kitchen remodeling extras for a sparkling kitchen. For instance, a corner space for a family message center and a breakfast nook can find their space into your available kitchen space.

The real deal is in Sprucing up the interiors

If you cannot accept the kitchen cabinet interiors as they are, The Contractors Inc will send an experienced designer to work with you with the purpose of remedying the situation. The team, among other things, will carry out a thorough inspection on the cabinet to be refaced. And if it is established that the cabinet structural components are too old to be refaced, we will replace them.

If your cabinets can be refaced, then odds are their interiors are ok. However, one or two of the shelves warrant replacement, we will definitely do that. We are committed to ensuring that our customer satisfactions are exceeded. Our team will help you apply new interior finishes or melamine. We are driven by one goal: To ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied with their kitchen cabinets – outside and in!

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