How The Skin Care Products Work On Your Skin?

Skin care products are products that are sold over-the-counter. They are used by many people to enhance their appearance. They are believed to maintain a flawless, beautiful and radiant skin. While choosing these products, you should be very careful not to harm your skin as you enhance its appearance. Put into consideration, your skin type and the ingredient content of the product.

How The Skin Care Products Work On Your Skin?

As you use the products, have you ever thought of how they work on your skin? Well, let’s find out how they work on your skin. And the following discussion will reveal the truth.

1. They cause allergic reactions

Some products contain ingredients that cause allergy to your skin. The reactions result when the body rejects a specific ingredient or combination of different ingredients. As a result, it releases of a chemical known as histamine. It is important to try each product at a time rather than mixing them at once. This will allow you to detect the product that is causing allergy to your skin at ease. Those people with sensitive skin are prone to allergic reactions caused by some ingredients.

Others are poorly formulated with ingredients such as alcohol, fragrance etc. They cause skin irritations and can also lead to advanced skin problems. So it demands high attention about the components used in the products.

2. Causes skin problems

Some products contain ingredients that are harmful to your skin. Some of the ingredients have positive effects on your skin. However, when used in large amounts for a long duration, they pose big threats to your skin condition.

Although, some companies that produce them do not mention some of the content for their marketing advantage. There are those products that are not branded. They do not contain labels on the ingredients and are sold through door-to-door method, at local shops and besides the roads. Avoid them, since they may contain harmful ingredients. They include kojic acids, retinoic acid, hydroquinone, mercury etc.

Regular use of these products exposes your skin to various skin problems. They reduce melanin content in your body as they try to lighten your skin. Melanin protects your inner skin layers from ultraviolet rays. This makes your skin to be susceptible to the harmful sun rays.

Exposure to these rays has great effects on your skin. They cause redness, irritation and itching on your skin. This also leads to skin diseases such as acne, eczema, and hives among others.

Some of the products such as conditioners, foundations, cleansers, sunscreens etc. contain oil. Additional of oil to your body leads to clogging of the skin pores. This can lead to problems such as hives, acne, dermatitis etc. For instance, what causes acne, is actually the bumps known as comedones that result from clogged hair follicle. Also, those with comedogenic properties lead to problems such as acne since they clog the skin follicles.

3. Increases skin-sensitivity

Various products contain products such as lead, nickel, chromium, mercury and hydroquinone. They bleach your skin making it to be hypersensitive to the sun rays. This is through, reducing the production process of melanin. It leads to itching, blisters formation, pigmentations and sunburns on your skin.

4. Some bleach your skin

These are mostly the fairness products that lighten your skin. They contain bleaching agents that are harmful to your skin. They also interfere with the melanin production process. Melanin is produced by the body to protect your inner skin layers from direct exposure to ultraviolet rays. Depletion of melanin exposes your skin to these harmful rays which lead to many skin disorders such as melanoma, hikes, acne etc.

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5. They sometimes accelerate what you are trying to prevent

They are believed to solve some problems such as aging process, removal of dark spots etc. They can, however, accelerate the problem instead of solving it.

Heavy products on your skin can lead to permanent skin damage. They clog your pores accelerating problems such as acne, hives etc. They also lead to a condition known as occlusive folliculitis.

6. They temporarily fix the signs of a problem

Skin care products are believed to eliminate the skin problem. However, some temporarily fix the signs of skin problem. This is due to their moisturizing effect. This adds to skin’s water content. For instance, in aging signs, they reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Other are used to eliminate dark spots on your skin. They do this by lightening them but not curing their cause.


Other than negative effects on your skin, they also have some better side of them. They stimulate the self-repair process. Some contain ingredients such retinol that stimulate the skin rejuvenation process. This helps to exfoliate the skin and allows new cells to grow. They also help you to have a flawless, beautiful skin. Be wise when purchasing the products in order to enjoy the benefits that come hand-in-hand with them.

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