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How Can An Employer Lawyer Help In Work Compensation?

How Can An Employer Lawyer Help In Work Compensation

A company should provide for a worker injured due to an accident in the company. The company should pay for the wages that the individual lost, look after the medical bills and retrain the individual if the injury takes time to heal. Although, this process seems very straight forward, there are companies who do not take care of all these aspects and neglect the worker. A Toronto employment lawyer would come in handy at a situation like this and he can help to ensure that the individual’s injury is recognized by the company and sufficient care is taken to help the worker. The following are some of the faults that company would do, when they ignore to help the worker.

There is another situation called the ‘third-party claim’ where the worker is injured in the work premises by another person who is not related to the company. Then, the lawyers can file a case against the third party and ensure that justice is done to the worker. This would lead to obtaining additional compensation as the other person has done a serious offense in intruding and hurting an individual in a private place.

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