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David Turlington – The Preacher Of Peace

David Turlington - The Preacher Of Peace

It is believed that no matter what the situation is faith always pulls us through. Ups and downs will always be considered as an important part of life, through all the situation in life one must have faith to make it to the destination. Theological study helps people stick to faith which in turn pushes towards the destiny.

David Turlington, is one such person who practices theology. From the childhood, David believed that Christianity was the only ‘true’ faith. David’s belief changed when he came to India and part of Asia. The link between religion and culture became clearer to him. David has always been fascinated with faith, the visit to India only made him more curious and he stared digging deeper. Later in 2015, David graduated in theology from Marquette University. David is passionate about theology, he roams around the world to learn more facts about the same.

David’s passion for religion was so strong that he aspired to become a priest, but different events led him to become a lawyer. His profession did not stop him from being a preacher.  Quite early David understood that he has been made to serve god, but his longing for family increased when he fell in love with his childhood friend.

One must understand that we all are close to god. To understand his messages, we need to hold the hand of a guide. Studying theology will put a light on the fact of why human beings were made by god. To understand the existence, one needs guidance.

David Turlington, is a regular traveler as well. He has made many useful connections as well as friends by traveling around the world. He has utilized his trips in a meaningful way, he was in continuously researching about his cultural studies while touring. Not only the cultural studies but the people from different backgrounds whom he met contribute in his work as well. David is a renowned social worker in Maine. Interaction with people from different background, different lifestyle and different culture has made David more humble and understanding. Listening to their stories has made David understand their struggle, their thoughts, their wishes and more.

Traveling has made many things clear to David. He has come face to face with fear struck people. He has been to places where unlawful killing of people of color still happens. He has seen the horror there.  According to him, this century old problems won’t get solved in a day, but that does not mean nothing can be done to start the process of healing. David practices advocacy of peace. He takes the initiative to make people learn about the culture or other people. He promotes harmony and peace. Talking to some many people has made David understand that it is nearly impossible to talk about culture without diverting the conversation towards religion. He learned about religion and cultures both. His is in the mission to impart his year-long knowledge and understanding.

If you want to learn about faith and culture, David Turlington can act as your mentor. Follow him to gather more knowledge.

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