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How Shakeology Changed My Life?

In November 2014, Kerry Bajaj came to know about Shakeology for the first time. Her nutritionist friend had recommended it to her. It was the time when her daughter Leela was 4 months old. But Leela felt that she was still fat and wanted to shed some pounds quickly.

Keera first studied the ingredients of Shakeology and felt it was the right product for her. Though the price of 130 dollars was high for her, yet it came with a 30 day of money-back guarantee. So, she ordered it to give this new product a try and to become smart soon. Over a period of 14 months she noticed the following changes.

  1. The feeling of exhaustion began to decrease considerably.
  2. Her milk supply improved and she could breastfeed Leela sufficiently.
  3. She felt much energetic that allowed her to exercise well by the end of the day.
  4. Shakeology improved her digestion.
  5. She no longer had cravings for sugar at all.
  6. She had become a BeachBody coach as well. So after a year or so, she was able to lead fitness groups for a 21-day course.

Thus, Shakeology really worked for Leela Bajaj.

How to Buy Shakeology Cheap

Many fitness enthusiasts swear by Beachbody’s Shakeology as the supplement of choice for their workouts. However, the steep price of Shakeology can scare many potential customers away. As Beachbody has stopped selling on Amazon and eBay officially due to counterfeit products sold there, you cannot get discounts that you normally get for other products on these sites. One can buy Shakeology only directly with Team Beachbody but that would cost $129.95 + shipping (CAD155.95 + shipping in Canada). If you want to try Shakeology but want to buy it at the best possible price, here are 4 ways to do it.

  1. Become a Beachbody coach

If you are serious about using Shakeology for a long term and want to make it a part of your diet, becoming a Beachbody coach is the best way to save money on Shakeology.

As a coach, you instantly save 25% on the total price of Shakeology, yet you don’t need to coach anyone! The best part is you get authorized to sell ALL Beachbody products to friends and family and get a 25% commission on everything you sell!

There is a caveat though. There is a one-time fee of $39.95 and a monthly membership fee of $15.95. The one-time fee can be waived off if you buy a Beachbody Challenge Pack but even with the monthly fee, you can save $33 a month compared to buying it at retail price.

The icing is definitely the commission. With the commission you earn per sale, you recoup the monthly fee and even the coach fee, essentially getting everything for free almost! You earn $32.48 per sale which means if you make just 5 sales per month you would have earned $162.4!!

Note: The one time coach fee and monthly membership fee will be waived off for active military personnel, veterans, reservist or a spouse of one.

  1. Buy a Beachbody Challenge Pack

To buy a Challenge Pack, you need to purchase one of the home workout programs such as P90X, Insanity Workout Max 30, 21 Day Fix etc. These programs are sold by Beachbody coaches and a month’s supply of Shakeology comes bundled with the programs. With this combo pack, you save $30-$100!

  1. Become a Beachbody Club member

By becoming a Beachbody Club Member, you get a 10% discount on everything. You can save $18 on Shakeology and get a whole  bundle of benefits such as personalized meal plan, own personal coach, expert advice from Beachbody Trainers, Beachbody On-Demand (allows you to stream any Beachbody workout program and download nutrition guides, workout guides and workout calendars) and community access (support forums, message boards and chatrooms).

  1. Opt for Monthly Automatic Shipping

For a one-time order of Shakeology, you will end up paying $10-$15 on shipping charges depending on where you are located. However, if you choose the Monthly Auto-Ship option, you only have to pay $2 for shipping and you will be scheduled to get Shakeology every month until you cancel. This will save you $8-$13 outright! You also get several benefits such as 30-day money back guarantee and 2 FREE online workouts.

Choose and combine any of the above 4 methods to suit your preference and save more on Shakeology. Example: You can choose to become a Beachbody coach, buy a Beachbody challenge pack and opt for monthly auto-ship, netting you a minimum of 65% discount!

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