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What You Need To Know About The Tummy Tuck Surgery

Whether you are a mother who is looking to regain your pre-pregnancy figure or someone who has worked hard and lost a lot of weight and are trying to figure out how to get rid of the loose, flabby skin that surrounds your midsection, odds are you have thought about having a tummy tuck.

And for good reason. The muscles, skin and ligaments are all loose and saggy after pregnancy or significant weight loss and no amount of dieting or exercise will work to retighten those body parts. The good news is that abdominoplasty, otherwise known as the tummy tuck has the ability to provide you with the taut, flat stomach that you’ve been yearning for. It is a highly invasive surgical procedure that tightens abdominal muscles as well as removing and tightening the skin around your abdomen. It provides instantaneous results and, for most women, achieves the look they have been trying to achieve through more traditional means. What’s more is that the tummy tuck procedure is not reserved for women alone. Many men pursue this type of procedure in order to get the washboard abs they have always wanted. Here’s what you need to know about abdominoplasty procedure.

The Tummy Tuck Surgery

In order to undergo abdominoplasty, you will need be to evaluated for your ability to withstand general anesthesia. This is because you will have to be completely anesthetized to be able to undergo the procedure. For the mini-tummy tuck, you may be able to have the procedure performed under a local anesthetic, but even this is not common. The entire procedure will last between 2 and 5 hours, depending on the level of repair work that has to be done.

In most cases, the surgeon will begin the procedure by making a long, horizontal incision across the abdomen that creates an opening that goes from hip bone top hip bone. It is a slightly curved incision that makes a “smile” across the abdomen. A second, smaller incision is made that encircles the belly button in order to free it from the structures underneath that hold it in place. This is because it will be relocated after the procedure is completed.

The surgeon will then begin to separate the skin and fat tissues from the underlying muscle tissue in order to suture the muscles together more tightly, creating a sort of girdle around the abdomen. After the repairs have been made, the skin is then closed over the muscle layer, pulled tightly so that the sagging skin is eliminated. The excess tissue is then removed and the belly button relocated to its new place.

While there will be some residual swelling and bruising during the recovery phase, this will eventually diminish. However, patients will see the results of the procedure immediately. The good news is that the results will continue to improve as the swelling subsides over the next few weeks to months.

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