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BPM software

BPM products are some of the best efficiency-targeted and customer-oriented tools that are indispensable in modern-day business life. BPM (business process management) systems are widely used nowadays helping improve the operational efficiency of companies along with streamlining their customer-facing processes. While BPM products are used for automation of all of the companies’ business processes, CRM (customer relationship management) products help companies leverage customer experience and put the interaction with their customers to quality higher levels.

CRM tools

The value of customer relationship management products lies in their agility to make changes in processes faster than ever before and bring sales, marketing, and service together on a single platform. Bpm’online holds one of the world leadership positions in process-driven CRM for the above mentioned areas. The users of CRM tools are offered a great interface, which kapps  them away from redundant information, while keeping them concentrated on important things. Please, visit SlideShare for more details.


any BPM practical methodologies are based on PRINCE2 (Projects IN Controlled Environments), which is a world-renowned approach to project management. Its philosophy lies in dividing projects into controllable stages. In case of bpm’online approach, project execution stages are the following: elaboration, execution, transition, and operation. Please, visit for more information.

Elaboration includes specifying tasks and goals and defining the project vision. Execution involves documenting the system requirements, followed by the system customization  to fit the requirements identified. It is used when test cases are launched and customized solutions are presented. Transition is the stage when the product is delivered to the company’s employees after test cases are completed. And then the company’s personnel can start the trial operations of the system. Operation is the closure of the project. Its results are presented to the company, and the personnel starts using the system.

BPM products

BPM products are represented by various types of software designed to create business applications that are based on workflows or business processes. In most cases, this software is provided in the form of a platform that offers several practical services, such as development and execution of business applications, tasks management, business activity monitoring.

As a rule, platforms include the following: content, best practices, and technology. Platforms can be on-cloud and on-premise and may have these features:

Business process management software improves consistency, visibility, and speed, while cutting down the costs and introducing standardization. Platforms offer all vital components for companies’ business operations to be effective.

Benefits of BPM products

The use of BPM software helps businesses automate their business processes. Solutions provided by them allow for the rapid creation or the change of current business processes. They also make it possible to create applications that can suit your business needs. At the same time, BPM tools allow for deeper integration of company’s IT department with other divisions.

BPM products assist in coordination and management of manual activities. They help enhance interaction between employees working in different departments. They also provide an opportunity to reach personnel via mobile devices. Business process management tools provide solutions for potential operational issues using predictive analytics.

There are many more things you can do with BPM platforms. In short, some of the key benefits of BPM systems are the following:

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