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What’s The Value Of An Honorary Degree?

What's The Value Of An Honorary Degree

For over several years numerous colleges and universities have awarded honorary degree to the respected people for their valued contributions that encompassed politicians, writers, musicians, actors, CEOs of different companies, sportsmen and many others. But what does it all relate to?

The Background of Honorary Degree

It all started at the Harvard University in the year 1692 and following that the degree was mainly rewarded to credible scholars. Over the time, trends started to change and year by year several universities started to award honorary degree to numerous individuals based on certain eligibility factors.

Although honorary degree is indeed a nice piece of recognition and undoubtedly looks good on the individual’s profile. Moreover, an honorary degree is a degree that is traditionally considered as a token of respect or more specifically a document for the sake of the honor. These are not at all considered as one of the hard earned university degrees that the majority of students earn based on their unmatched efforts and cannot be used to further strengthen one’s academic qualification to higher extents at all. What it all adds up to your profile is just a value added level of recognition that has been given by a credible institute in return of your achievements or hard efforts.

Several universities give honorary degrees to their guest speakers. At this point, one should not assume that only guest speakers are solely eligible for honorary degrees. In addition to that, some universities also award it to the most valued students and the respected alumni in order to better recognize their achievements. Honorary degree candidates can be simply finalized by the faculty members of the respective university and there are no such complex procedure for critically sorting out the deserving ones.

The Value of an Honorary Degree

Perhaps the value of an honorary degree has been diminished over the time based on the huge number it has been now handed out to numerous people around the world. Some universities have rewarded more or less a thousand such degrees over the past few decades. But, still there are some people who did not agree with the concept of rewarding an honorary or honorary doctorate degree according to the latest trends.

It is also noticeable that there are a number of influential people as well who have totally misused the purpose of honorary doctorate degrees around the world in different countries by making full use of their biased autonomy and power over people and systems. On the other hand, even renowned universities started to reward these degrees to the rich and famous ones as well in order to establish strong marketing and fund raising campaign.

How it Transformed into a Source for Career Progression?

Undoubtedly there are countless individuals who relate to different fields of expertise and still struggling in their profession to attain higher level of success. In such cases there might be a number of reasons for which such individuals have been limited to a specific level in their career but if we research a bit then the most common finding regards to the ever rising unemployment rates on a global level.

More specifically if we disregard the growing percentage of unemployment across many countries then there is a second biggest reason of limited or insufficient academic qualifications where people actively started to demand for easy and affordable academic alternatives. And that where the field of online education introduced another vital areas for such individuals under the category of life experience degree programs.

Now a days, life experience degree programs are one of the most trending academic alternatives that most of the working individuals with limited academics are joining in order to achieve easy and affordable educational qualification based on their prior experiences. In addition to these life experience degree program, these accredited online universities now started to offer honorary degrees as well bases on their applicants life experiences and considered it as one of the best opportunity for countless working prospects across the world.

Now it does not matter at all that either you have earned an honorary doctorate degree from a highly recognized university that is based in the United States or you have simply registered in one of today’s widely available life experience degree programs offered at a number of accredited online universities that offers verified honorary doctorate degrees based on several eligibility criteria.

Last but not the least, we should not also debate upon what is the real difference between a degree bestowed by a traditional university and an online degree provided to our doorstep by one of those highly attractive online universities. In today’s world of highly competitive job markets, what matters the most is your valued set of skills, expertise, knowledge and the credibility of your academic qualifications which further expands itself to the accreditation status of the university from where you graduated on the basis of life experience degree program. Yes there are some reported cases of scam and frauds under the umbrella of online life experience degree programs but it counts as a minute portion of the entire industry of online education.

Author Bio:

Lynwood Clark is one the industry leading experts who are renowned for their unmatched efforts and contributions in the rapid success of today’s field of online education. Over the past few years, he has proven himself as one of the best and market renowned student career counselor and worked as a lecturer at a number of online universities that offer online life experience degree programs.

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