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Top 10 Tips On How To Prevent Dry Skin

Feet are mainly dry due to lack of moisture. Other causes include the use of harsh soaps, cold weather, wearing improper footwear, genetics, standing barefoot for long durations, continuous exposure to water, and skin conditions such as eczema and athlete’s foot. It is unattractive, irritating and painful.

1. Wash your feet on daily basis

Hygiene plays a great role in maintaining your skin’s integrity. Use the right products to remove the dead skin cells on your skin. Ensure that you rinse your feet with warm water after washing them in order to promote moisture on your skin. Warm water promotes circulation, comforts and refreshes your feet. After washing properly, dry them with a towel thoroughly.

2. Take plenty of water

You should drink a lot of water to ensure that your body is hydrated; take at least 8 glasses of water on daily basis. Water ensures your skin remains hydrated as well as detoxifying your body system. Water ensures your skin is soft and supple.

3. Avoid harsh soaps

Use soaps that will help to moisturize your skin. They are used to heal oily skin and balance pH level on your skin. Harsh soaps lead to dryness, especially on your sole and palms. Use mild natural oil-based soaps to prevent the dryness.

4. Protect your skin from cold

Cold can lead to dry skin on feet. During cold seasons, humidity is low and your skin becomes more dehydrated. The epidermal layer of your skin tends to reflect the level of humidity around it. To protect your skin from cold, ensure that you keep your feet warm all the times to enhance blood circulation. Use humidifiers, moisturizers and drink plenty of water. You should avoid spending too much time with your feet on the floor.

5. Use a moisturizer

Moisturizing your feet prevent hard skin and clauses from forming. The skin on your foot skin is thicker than elsewhere on your body; it does not mean that it is not prone to damage. It requires moisturizers with deep penetrating properties to keep it supple and soft. It is best applied when you can keep your feet up. Try using a cream that contains urea. It helps to bind water in the layer of callus tissue. This reduces the extra formation of dry skin cells.

6. Get a foot massage

Foot massage enhances blood flow. This ensures that your feet skin is hydrated to prevent the formation of dead cells.

7. Scrubbing

Scrubbing your feet helps to eliminate dead skin cells on your skin surface. You should soak your feet in warm soapy water for about 20 minutes before scrubbing to soften your skin and make it easy to scrub; do not soak your feet for long. Scrubbing prevents dry skin on feet by enhancing the rejuvenation process. Pat dry your skin after rinsing it with clean water. Apply a moisturizer to keep your feet hydrated. You can scrub your feet on a weekly basis. Avoid scrubbing your feet so hard or too many times.

8. Apply topical products

To prevent dry cracked skin on your feet, apply products that will soften your skin. Be keen on the products you apply on your skin; they should be non-comedogenic and non-allergic. You can apply an exfoliating cream to remove dead skin cells. This allows the renewal of your cells leaving your skin soft and smooth. Use moisturizing products that have urea, aloe, and keratin content. They are essential in restoring hydration of your skin. Some creams increase your skin’s elasticity making it easy for you as you walk around.

9. Wear proper footwear

Wear comfortable shoes that does not restrict or rub your feet. Avoid wears that cause irritation to your feet; ensure that they are always clean and dry before wearing them. Frictions can deprive moisture content of your feet leading to a cracked skin.

10. Use of organic acids

They have a softening effect on your feet and make it easy for you to scrub the dead skin off. They include vinegar, lemon etc. You should not soak your feet for long as this might cause irritation.


Ensure that your feet remain hydrated throughout. Dehydration causes your skin to be dry, rough or even cracked. Prevent skin dryness by addressing the causes such as dehydration, improper footwear, use of harsh soaps etc. The mentioned tips will help you prevent dry skin and have a smooth and supple feet skin appearance. Above all, ensure you live a healthy life style to enhance the beauty and health of your overall skin.

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