How To Choose A Perfect Damp Specialist Company?

The moment you know the negative impact of damp over our lives, you’ll become more conscious about damps! What will you do after knowing that you have a damp problem at your home, office or work place? I know, the first thing you would do is, hire a damp-proof specialist.

A good damp specialist will test the area first and advice you the ways to fix up the damp issues so that you can live a healthy life. When I asked a few home-owners about the best services they had from, they recommended damp proofing services Kent as they have the most skilled & experienced damp proofing specialists.

Here, I am helping you with few things that you should see in a company before asking them for damp proofing services:

  1. The damp specialists company: At the first place, you should check out whether the company is legal or not, what they claim they are & the services they offer? So, put your efforts in researching the damp-proof specialist company through various online resources and check with the necessary government offices. You should also consider the time, the company has been in the market because experienced & reputed companies give the best services.
    • Also, it is important to know that whether they are associated with any governing authority which relates to damp proofing or home care. If they are in contact then the company is worth hiring.
  1. The survey process and subsequent report: Before starting the damp-proofing, it is essential to diagnose the damps. A damp specialist comes and performs an extensive survey on the place where damp has been found. So, in case you call a damp specialists company and you are given a quote before anyone visits, the survey should start with special treatments, not only by looking it.
    • Even after the survey, your selected company should write up a comprehensive report which shows their survey results. If they say that there was a damp problem, the report should determine why they are. So, ensure about the damp problem and how they have eliminated other possible causes. It is important to know these things as you have paid a lot of money on the damp problem. Isn’t it?
  1. Price estimate: You should start the procedure with a quote only after the report and survey. To ensure that you are getting the best deal and the best services, compared to several quotes from different companies. As you are looking for the best offer, you should be careful about quotes that are too low as they signify poor service delivery.
  1. The treatment process: Once you have agreed with the amount they ask for the service, the next step would be starting damp treatment. And for that, you should know when the specialists will be working and whether there are important things you should know such as, do they use any dangerous chemicals or loud machines? You will get the information after approaching The company who will explain the entire process in the simplest way.
  1. Payment: Yes, payment is one of the most important factor at the time when you select any damp treatment services. So, check out: are their payment procedures customer-friendly?  Remember that, this kind of work should never be paid in cash since you may never get it back if the work remains incomplete or poorly done.

You should go for credit card payments, as through this way, you can be protected from bad purchases.


Undoubtedly, it is important to know all the pros and cons before you give your lovely home for damp proofing services. Always select a reputed & experienced company that can provide you the best services and also offer a guarantee for few years. Hopefully, you’re able to select an effective company after knowing all the above factors. Stay healthy!…

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