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Use of Sesame Oil Cake for Fertilizing Plants

Sesame seeds are amazing. They benefit your health in many ways. They are rich source of calcium and dietary fiber. However, it is also used in fertilizing and cropping industry. Agriculture sector use sesame seeds for making oil cakes. In this article, sesame seeds exporters will discuss about different types of oil cakes and their use in fertilizing plants. Read this post and ask your questions at the end.

Oil cake is among natural organic fertilizer options that contains nitrogen in high amount. Oil cake is the residues of peanut seeds, coconut, soy, sesame seeds, nuts, rubber. This residue is formed after oil extraction process of the processing plant.

1. Peanut oil cake

Since peanut oil cake aroma attracts insects, it is important to soak it through composting. If it is applied directly to the plant, bugs will attack on plant leaves.

How to use peanut oil cake?

You need to soak 1kg of peanut oil cake in 7-8 liters of water for 10-15 days. Make sure you close the lid after soaking. The smell of water gear oil will be very unpleasant for people around, but this peanut oil cake fertilizes soil and helps plants to grow healthy. You need to soak 200ml water oil cake with 8 liters of water, mix and pour 250ml water for the irrigation trees. You need to add this mix twice time a month.

2. Sesame oil cakes

Sesame oil cakes are edible ones. You can even use them for feeding cattle along with other meals in distinct ratio. Agriculture sector is using oil cakes as substrates for production of industrial enzymes with the help of fermentation process. It is due the presence of carbon and nitrogen in the oil cakes.

Researchers found that the chemical composition of sesame oil cake includes 35.6% crude protein, 7.6% crude fibre, 11.8% ash, 1.11% phosphorous, and 2.45% calcium.

3. Coconut oil cake

Coconut oil cake is nutritious product that is used for growing vegetables or ornamental plants leaves. You need to soak the coconut cake with enough water to 5-6 hours. After that you can use it as a pesticide and as a fertilizer. You need to use it once in a month.

If you have any question, you can ask in comments section. You can even feedback for this post and talk to the experts at the same time. Sesame seeds exporters are here to meet your requirements.

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