Top Most Effective Tips For Healthy Hair

February 23, 2017 Health News No Comments
Top Most Effective Tips For Healthy Hair

Besides a woman’s smile, the second most valuable accessory is her hair. To make a woman stand out, look confident and complete her look, she must have an amazingly healthy, lustrous and beautiful hair. A healthy hair is perceived to have clean tapered tips, smooth textured, voluminous, strong and shiny. Well, to achieve such, below are 10 most amazing tips every woman should try:

Top Most Effective Tips For Healthy Hair

1. Avoid hair dyes

Hair dyes and other permanent treatments are harmful to the hair if used too often. They dry the hair and worsen split edges thus causing the hair to fall off. If you are to bleach your hair, moisturize it regularly with proper natural oils such as Shea butter, Coconut oils etc and condition it with a good mask.

2. Eat a healthy balanced diet

A well balanced diet nourishes the hair and makes it strong and healthy. Opt for proteins, vitamin B, omega 3 and iron. Incorporate lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. The effect of too much junk is usually reflected at later stages of the hair and should be avoided. They result to weak, dry, frizz and brittle unattractive hair.

3. Avoid exposing your hair to various elements

Like skin, healthy hair requires great protection from cold temperatures, sun and wind. This environmental element makes the hair dry and brittle. Avoid going outside with wet hair during winter. This leads to a brittle and frayed hair. On sunny days, protect the hair by wearing a scarf or a hat. Strong chemical such as chorine damages the hair hence a swim cap is necessary during swimming.

4.Adopt natural hair products

Healthy hair demands the use of commercial products from the same line. These products contain a different ingredient that reacts to dry the hair and make it look dull and limp. Adopting natural products is one of the best tips for healthy hair since they protects and nourishes the hair. Shampoos contain sulfates that strip off the hairs natural oils. The result is a frayed and frizzy hair. Natural products containing coconut oils, Shea butter or aloe are mostly recommended due to their moisturizing effect.

5. Use heat products sparingly

Avoid using heat frequently such as blow drying the hair every morning. It makes the hair fragile and dry. If heating tools such as heat rods are a must in your daily regime, ensure you use heat protection spray.

6. Avoid too many hair products

Too many products such as sprays contain chemicals and other artificial elements. They have a residue effect to the hair. They remain in the hair for long thereby stripping off important natural oils. The result is a dry, flaky and brittle hair. Use these products sparingly or when it’s absolutely necessary.

7. Trim your hair regularly

Trimming the hair regularly is a great tip for a healthy hair. Visit the beauty parlor to get the hair trimmed on a regular basis to prevent the ends from splitting towards the shaft. This amazing tip yields a beautiful, strong and healthy hair full of life.

8.Be cautious with wet hair

It’s advisable to use a shower cap to protect your hair from getting damp during showers or when it’s raining. Wet hair breaks off easily. When the hair is wet, its roots and shafts get damaged easily. One of the tips for a healthy hair is- never brush wet hair since it cause a lot of breakage.

9. Adopt deep conditioning treatments

Conditioning treatments locks lots of moisture in the hair, strengthens and makes it beautiful and voluminous. Even regular conditioners and masks improve the overall look of the hair significantly. Regular use of hot treatment oils is essential.

10. Oil your scalp regularly

Oil the hair as frequently as possible and use a mild shampoo to get rid of excess oils. Mild shampoos do not strip off natural hair oils that lubricate the scalp. However, do not overdo the oiling. Oiling softens and moisturizes the scalp to enhance a healthy hair growth.


Healthy hair is facilitated by strictly observing the above procedures. However, if these procedures are not properly followed, hair damage such as split ends, loss of hair luster and frizz occurs. If your hair is already damaged, there is still room to bring back to life by observing these three main guidelines i.e. review your hairs’ current condition, reduce and stop the harmful practices that have contributed to damage and breakage and finally establish and stick to a healthy hair regime.