9 Ways To Have A Successful Recovery after Eyelid Surgery

March 2, 2017 Health News No Comments
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Blepharoplasty is an operation that offers fresh and youthful look to you by making your eyelids tighter. This operation is performed by making an incision on the upper eyelid. This surgery also helps to get rid of drooping eyes. After you have undergone this surgery, you need to follows some tips mentioned below when you are in your recovery phase.

1. Keep your head raised

It is important to keep your head raised after the blepharoplasty surgery and maintain your head consistently especially while resting. This helps to minimize swelling and boosts your healing process. Two or three medium sized pillow will be good to support your head. You can also use an inclined foam wedge can also be used for this purpose. Doctors of Eyelid surgery in Brisbane suggests you to plan the recovery period and do the essential shopping of pillow or foam before the surgery.

9 Ways To Have A Successful Recovery after Eyelid Surgery

 2.  Maintain cold compress

To lessen the swelling it is essential to hold some cold compress on the orbital region. Cold compress also helps in alleviating the soreness that occurs after the anesthesia tappers off.

 3. Do not stress on your eyes

In the first week it is essential for you to avoid any task that demands stress on your eye. This means that you cannot watch TV, should not participate in any kin d of sports, should not put makeup on your eye and do not wear contact lenses.

 4. Keep your peepers clean

After the operation your surgeon will tell you how to keep your eyes clean. Adhere to the tips your doctor told you and take care while washing your eyes. Maintain sanitary techniques as much as possible to avoid contamination and bacterial import.

 5. Buy eye cover

Buy special eye wear to protect your eye from dirt, dust and other specks. You must also guard your eyes from the sunrays.

6. Healthy food

When you eat healthy, your recovery process becomes more smooth and rapid. Make sure to inculcate diets rich in vitamin C and E to help you in speedy recuperation.

 7. Use eye drops to relief

Due to the bepharosplasty surgery, your eyes may get a tendency to get dry un-moistened and scratchy. Avoid not stroking your eyes and using eye drops to keep your eyes hydrated and clean the fragments that may get in to your eyes.

The above mentioned ways will certainly help you to have a hassle free and convenient recovery phase.