6 Top Reasons You Should Consider Quitting Your 9-5 Routine

The post is a bit startling. But we will tell you the reasons why it has in many become a necessity. The concept of job security is dying away and this is no secret. Since the 2008 financial crisis, thousands of jobs were diminished and people were left to suffer along with their families.

The toughest hit was experienced by the hard-working executive and labor class. Meanwhile, the people sitting at the upper echelons of the firms got away with it. So this article is not about those selected few but it is, in actual directed towards who has to work his arse off to provide for his family, YOU!

Following may make you think why quitting is in your best interests.

1.      Salaries Are Nowhere To Be Found

The median income for people since 1992 has been oscillating from 33k to 36k USD. The reason, nothing in particular. It is may be the age group (18-35), perhaps they are not worthy but we have had Democrats and we have had Republicans but the salary structures have always been the same.

Those of you thinking, this is political shite. No, it isn’t!

2.      Jobs Created Are Either Part-Time Or Freelance

According to a survey, 94% of all jobs have been either part-time and/or freelance. The data is from past ten years and it exhibits the above trend. So the concept of traditional, full-time jobs is slowly dying away. It is not a good thing nor a bad thing. It just the way the world has become right now.

Observe yourself; with the advent of theinternet, need for programmers for writing networking code diminished. With the advent of digital music, traditional stores closed. It is estimated with the advent of self-driving cars in near future, 90% of auto-industry will be gone, poof!

Resultantly, theoil industry would be rattled. Car insurance will be buried 6-feet under.

3.      Productivity Has Shifted In Favor Of Robots

Amazon has this ability that when you walk into the store to purchase books your phone beeps. When you grab a book from the shelf and places it in your basket, the phone takes note of it. The moment you walk out of the store, the phone logs into your Amazon account and buys that book for you. Amazing isn’t it?!

So what it was to expand to every bookstore or every other restaurant? Find Assignment Service UK online. Have you ever wonder where will cashiers go? What will they do?

4.      The Great Knowledge Trade Off

Human lives have become increasingly dependent on computers. Human doctors are a thing of the past. With Artificial Intelligence (AI) knocking at our doors what is the probability of them diagnosing us? Highly likely because with humans there is always human error but with machines, well, spot on!

AI in future will be carrying out genetic tests, blood tests, brain tests and what not for you (which it isn’t doing yet but with the pace, who knows?)  Maybe they will prescribe medication and then monitor our health throughout the day with some electric-circuitry-implanted thingy in our bodies. Quite possible.

With AI, facial recognition is as easy as they come. If you were to break your face into 100 pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and scramble it before it uploading it on Facebook, it will still ask you whether or not you want to tag yourself in the picture. Are we saying goodbye to lawyers, doctors, programmers and pharmacists for good then?

5.      Passionate Work:Yeah, Right

Do what you love or you will be working for the rest of your life, is an illusion. The passion wears out and you have to be adaptable. The world is a cruel place and with the things taking a 360-degree turn, if you wish to stay in the “passion game” be my guest but don’t tell me if one day you wake up and find that your passion has blown off of the face of this planet.

You don’t believe me, read point number 4 above (again).

6.      Shared Economy or Access Economy

There is nothing shared in our economy but instead, it has become Access Economy in the words of a top figure at Airbnb. Any new business model aims to access economy, be it in terms of an excess room, or excess car seats as in Airbnb or Uber in the latter’s case.

So those who can tap into that excess market come out on top. Such is the economy we live in. Heck, even if you had access to excess knowledge you would use it to take lead and enact a business model based on that, wouldn’t you? Consequently, this surplus leads to increase in suppliers, meanwhile the demand stays the same.

In the words of Warren Buffet that the worst thing which can happen to the economy is deflation.

To sum up, we list probable causes which will make you reconsider your oh-so-secure jobs/income streams on which we base our entire livelihoods. I am trying to break, you should too.

Author Bio:

Jackson Am is a bestselling author on the subjects of personal growth, marketing, business, and entrepreneurship. He hosts a popular podcast and writes to educate his readers.

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