How To Repair Seriously Damaged Credit

Negatively impacted credit can make it where you are unable to rent a home, purchase a car or refinance your home mortgage to a better rate. Getting negative items off your credit report is the only way to get your great score back and start a new financially independent life.

Bankruptcies and Foreclosures

Credit scores can tank after going through bankruptcy or a foreclosure. It may seem as if your credit score will never be great again, but there are credit repair services that are gifted at getting these types of items off of credit report. There is a financial life after bankruptcy and losing a home to foreclosure.

Credit Inquiries

Each time a company checks your credit profile, it removes points from your total score. Having this done several times for one credit application can take a chunk of points. Doing this frequently will drop your score dramatically over a short period of time. Having inquiries removed is an easy fix to a low score.

Old Debt

Debt that has accumulated over the years can often be removed. There may even be debt that you are not aware of and have no recollection. Points can be taken by mistake, if you are not carefully watching your score. Any and all questionable items can be removed from your credit report.

Evictions and Medical Bills

A bad rental history can dramatically impact your credit score. Evictions, slow pay and outstanding medical bills can be removed and raise your score quickly. Nearly everyone has a medical bill lurking in the shadows. They can be removed if they have been on your report for a long time.

Federal Fair Credit Laws

There are federal laws that make unfair treatment and reporting against the law. Credit repair specialists are familiar with the use of these laws and can use them to your benefit. You can be sure that the only items left on the report are debts that are true and fair. Eliminating the numerous unfair reports will make the difference in having a score that is respectable. It can make it possible to get better interest rates, rent a home or get a credit card. Starting over is made possible.

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