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Helping Mankind For The Betterment Of The Society

All charitable organizations work for the cause of homeless, under-privileged and disabled children of society by improving the standard of their life and by building a better society based on equity, justice, social sensitivity, legitimate rights.

Every day in realistic and practical ways, Westside Family Church demonstrates God’s love in one’s families, city, community, and around the earth. They have been integrating their services and programmes and consciously moving from welfare towards long term development and long term sustainability for these neglected children as well as adults. They believe that a child is the medium through which the actual development in society takes place. Hence their main focus lies on the fact that a child should gain proper spiritual growth..

The family community church’s main vision and missions in the upcoming years includes:

Westside Family Church Lenexa KS works towards developing effective and equitable educational policies and strategies, thereby ensuring a proper educational system which is not based on class, gender, sex, creed or religion. They use user friendly techniques and methodologies to promote active learning and participation. Cultural events are held occasionally to create awareness among these children. These programs aim to improve active participation of children and improve their learning levels to create for them a prospective and bright future. Women empowerment programme is another main focus of this organization which helps in rekindling social and scientific temper in the society. This approach is very effective in lifting communities from poverty, ultimately leading the society to be self-reliant and dignified. Their future initiatives are to organize events and programs based on various socio-economic issues which are of great concern and also deal with various programs of protecting the environmental natural resources and preventing harmful pollution.

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