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What You Should Know About Gout Treatment With Ayurvedic Medicine

Gout is an outcome of increased uric acid level in the body. It is a kind of arthritis which leads to pain and swelling in a joint or more commonly the big toe. If gout is left untreated, it can cause serious damage to the tendons, joints and the surrounding tissues.

There is hardly any valuable treatment in allopathy that can fully cure the gout. Allopathic medication can only stop the further formation of uric acid and that too at the cost of harmful side effects to the liver and kidney. So, it is always advisable to go for Ayurvedic medicine if you are experiencing pain in toe, small joints.

Here, we have a list of things that you should know about gout and its Ayurvedic treatment.

Causes of Gout

Gout is a consequence of increased uric acid level in the body and various factors can be associated with the steep rise of uric acid.

Obesity can lead to increased uric acid level in the blood. Eating rich diet, too much meat and alcohol consumption leads to this condition

Any of the above mentioned factors can lead to increased uric level in the blood. Uric acid is basically the end product of the body’s chemical process. When the level of uric acid is high as compared to normal, the uric acid gets dissolved in the blood. The blood also has a capacity of holding the excess uric acid and when it becomes full of the uric acid, the acid hardens to form needle shaped crystals in the joints which brings the attacks of gout.

Symptoms of Gout

Ayurveda’s take on Gout

Ancient Indian texts talk about this particular kind of health issue. In Ayurveda, gout is known as vatarakt. The cause cited in the ancient texts for gout are intake of salty, alkaline, spicy, sour foods. Other reasons mentioned are irregular sleeping habits, excessive anger, trauma, excessive sexual activity, irregular proper diets can lead to the formation of gout. Ayurveda provides treatments for this medical condition by emphasizing on the herbal remedies.

Treatment for Gout

The ancient term vatarakt means ‘vata’- air element and ‘rakt’- blood. The best treatment for gout therefore is to detoxify the blood. This can be achieved by taking ayurvedic capsules which are available online. These capsules are a combination of various herbs. It directly attacks the root cause of the disease, improves the digestive system, speeds up metabolism and remove the toxins from the blood. Well, you just have to be cautious while choosing your food when undergoing gout treatment. The following foods should be avoided during this period-

Hence, Ayurvedic treatment can ensure that the root cause of gout is completely eliminated from your body. There are good online Ayurvedic capsule sellers in India, who has medicine for all kinds of arthritis and gout problems. Get in touch with them and try out Ayurved for getting rid of the gout pain.

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